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My blog has moved to WordPress at BrianTJackett.com. Any pages will automatically redirect to the new address in 7 seconds. Please excuse an issues during this migration.

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October 2015 Entries

Workaround for No Locations Available with Azure DevTest Labs

In this post I’ll walk through a workaround to the “There are no locations available. You may not…” error when trying to provision a new instance of Azure DevTest Labs in the current preview (as of 2015/10/12). Problem A few weeks ago during AzureCon 2015 there was an announcement that the new DevTest Labs offering was available in preview. For those of you unfamiliar Dev Test Labs allows an administrator to set quotas for money used per month, size of VMs available, automatic shut down times for ......

Slides and Scripts from SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2015

Thank you to all of the attendees at my “Running your Dev / Test VMs in Azure for Cheap” presentation at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2015 (or as the locals liked to call it ScarePoint Saturday Spookinnati due to the Halloween theme.) The slides and scripts from my presentation are below. Enjoy. PowerShell Scripts Slide Deck -Frog Out ......

Slides and Scripts from Dogfood Con 2015

A big thank you to everyone that attended my PowerShell for Your SharePoint Toolbelt at Dogfood Con this year. We packed quite a few demos into the 60 minute session. My slides and demo scripts are below. Demo PowerShell Scripts Slide Deck -Frog Out ......