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April 2015 Entries

Slides and Scripts from SharePoint Cincy 2015

This is my fourth year presenting at the SharePoint Cincy conference. As usual the crew that organizes has put on a great conference and the attendees were very engaged. Below are my slides and demo scripts for my “Running Your Dev / Test VMs in Azure for Cheap” session. Thanks for all who attended and hope that you got something useful out of it. Demo PowerShell Scripts Download link Slide Deck Download link -Frog Out ......

Default Search Index File Location for SharePoint 2013

Blogging this as a simple reminder to myself on the default (out of the box) value of the Search Service Application index location in SharePoint 2013. Invariably I have to look this up every couple of months when supporting customers and only ever find the PowerShell commands to retrieve it. Putting both on here. Hopefully this saves someone else a few minutes of their day as well. PowerShell Commands $ssi = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServi... $ssi.Components | Select-Object IndexLocation Default ......