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February 2013 Entries

Guest Blog Post On Hey Scripting Guys Blog

Just a quick post to mention that I have a guest blog post up on the Hey Scripting Guy! Blog today titled Get Exchange Online Mailbox Size in GB. The guest post is a cleaned up version of this post I wrote on my blog many months ago. I’m honored to be a guest blogger on there for the second time and look forward to future collaborations. -Frog Out ......

PowerShell Script to Create a Large SharePoint List with Random Data

<Updated 2013-02-06> Recently a fellow SQL PFE Lisa Gardner asked me for a PowerShell script that would create a SharePoint list with numerous (100+) columns. She was doing some research for an upcoming internal presentation on SharePoint databases for SQL database administrators and wanted samples of really nasty SQL queries that are generated when querying a large SharePoint list. The script that I came up with is below in the Solution section. <Update 2013-02-06> Lisa posted her findings ......