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June 2012 Entries

Get Exchange Online Mailbox Size in GB

As mentioned in my previous post I was recently working with a customer to get started with Exchange Online PowerShell commandlets. In this post I wanted to follow up and show one example of a difference in output from commandlets in Exchange 2010 on-premises vs. Exchange Online. Problem The customer was interested in getting the size of mailboxes in GB. For Exchange on-premises this is fairly easy. A fellow PFE Gary Siepser wrote an article explaining how to accomplish this (click here). Note that ......

Links for Getting Started with PowerShell for Office 365 and Exchange Online

This past week I worked with some customers who were getting started with using PowerShell against Exchange Online as part of their new Office 365 solution. As you may know Exchange is not my primary focus area but since these customers’ needs centered around PowerShell I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn more. What soon became apparent to me was a few things: The output / objects returned from Exchange Online vs. on-premises commandlets sometimes differ (mainly due to Exchange Online ......