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January 2012 Entries

Goals for 2012

For the past two years I have made goals for myself (2010, 2011) and I am once again making a public list of my goals for the upcoming year. As I mentioned in my retrospective on 2011 last week I have had quite a few major changes over the past year. Moving forward into 2012 I am taking these into consideration when looking at my goals. Without further delay here are my goals for 2012., Professional Goals Blog – I will continue to keep up writing this blog at least 2 posts a month. I continue to ......

PowerShell Check for Empty SecureString Entry

A few days ago my friend Todd Klindt (click here for his blog, I get helpful advice there all the time) asked the following question on Twitter: ‘Is there a way to see if someone just his enter with “read-host –assecurestring”? I need to test for no input. #powershell’. Problem As you may know, secure strings in PowerShell are not readable (unless using ConvertFrom-SecureString or some alternate process). If attempt to check equality of a secure string against an empty string or the null variable ......

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” App Recommendations

Disclaimer:, The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and I’m not getting paid or compensated for anything. I am also an employee of Microsoft but try not to drink the Kool-Aid too much. [Update 2012-01-02: It appears posting Windows Phone app recommendations is making the rounds on the web today. My friends Jeff Blankenburg and Sarah Dutkiewicz have also posted recommendations. Also was referred to a posting on tested.com. I’ve already downloaded a few apps based on these ......

Goals for 2011 Retrospective

Now that 2011 has come to a close I wanted to take a few minutes to review the year and the goals I had set at the beginning of the year (click here to see those goals). I’ll follow up with new goals for new 2012 year soon. Year in Review 2011 was a big year in many ways. This year included a change in employers, buying a condo, my oldest brother getting married, starting a new relationship with my girlfriend Sarah. helping plan 2 conferences, writing two chapters of a book, and numerous other activities. ......