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May 2011 Entries

Speaking at BuckeyeSPUG May 2011 Meeting

This Thursday May 19th, 2011 I will be presenting my “PowerShell for the SharePoint 2010 Developer” session at the Buckeye SharePoint User Group (BuckeyeSPUG). BuckeyeSPUG is my local SharePoint user group and I always enjoy giving back by helping out with the steering committee, presenting, and volunteering with any other areas that I can. I recently gave this presentation at SharePoint Saturday Michigan last weekend and the early feedback I heard was good. I’m looking forward to a good meeting ......

Speaking at SPS St. Louis 2011 and SPS Michigan 2011

<Updated 2011-5-1: slides and code from SPSSTL linked below (or click here) and sessions for SPSMI added> <Updated 2011-5-15: slides and code from SPSMI linked below (or click here)> April 30th, 2011 I’ll be presenting at SharePoint Saturday St. Louis. My presentation is “The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010” which covers many of the new tools and functionality available to developers. This session is fairly demo heavy but stays more on the “overview” side rather than deep ......