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January 2011 Entries

Speaking at SPTechCon SF 2011 and SPSNOLA 2011

From Feb 7th-9th I’ll be presenting two sessions at SPTechCon San Francisco 2011. My first presentation is a new session called “The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010” which covers many of the new tools and functionality available to SharePoint 2010 developers. My second sessions is called “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions” (presented at last SPTech Con Boston) which covers tips, tricks, and advice on deploying SharePoint 2007 solutions. If you hurry you may still ......

The One Thing: Brian Jackett and SharePoint 2010

Last weekend at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach (website) I was asked by Christian Buckley (twitter) from Axceler (website) to do a short video for his “The One Thing You Need To Know About SharePoint 2010” video series. Below is the video. Background When Christian asked me to do this video I was in a time crunch to make it to the airport for my flight home. I was literally running out the door right after we finished. As a result I was rushed in my response which led to my funny line at the ......

Goals for 2011

Recently I posted a recap of my goals from 2010. Now it’s time to post my goals and focus areas for 2011. Just as I did in 2010 I’m splitting goals between professional and personal. Professional Blog – I intended to continue blogging at least twice a month, sometimes more frequently when time and motivation allows. I have begun looking at other platforms or distribution methods for my blogging and will continue to investigate those. I’ll post details on here if anything changes. Speaking – In 2010 ......

Slides, Materials, and Pictures from SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2011

This past weekend I presented “Managing SharePoint 2010 Farms with PowerShell” and “SharePoint 2010 and Integrating Line of Business Applications” SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach. A big thanks to everyone who attended my sessions. I had a great time presenting, getting to meet new folks, and exploring a little bit of the local life. Below are slides, materials, and pictures from the event. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or feedback. Thanks. Slides and Materials Managing SharePoint ......

SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Script to Find All SPShellAdmins with Database Name

<Update 2011-29-06: Modify script to handle multiple admins per database> Problem Yesterday on Twitter my friend @cacallahan asked for some help on how she could get all SharePoint 2010 SPShellAdmin users and the associated database name. I spent a few minutes and wrote up a script that gets this information and decided I’d post it here for others to enjoy. Background The Get-SPShellAdmin commandlet returns a listing of SPShellAdmins for the given database Id you pass in, or the farm configuration ......