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September 2010 Entries

Guest Blog Post On “Hey, Scripting Guy!” Published

A few days ago I mentioned that I had been busy recently writing a guest blog post for a fairly high profile blog. Today I can happily announce the details. My article “Deploy a PowerShell Module with SharePoint Cmdlets” was published on the Hey, Scripting Guy! blog this morning. Click here for the link. Anyone familiar with Windows PowerShell will most likely know the Scripting Guy Ed Wilson and his teammate Craig Liebendorfer. A little over a month ago Ed asked if I would submit a guest blog post ......

Adding Intellisense for SharePoint 2010 Custom Workflow .Actions File

This post will show you how to add inteliisense support for custom workflow .actions files in SharePoint 2010. During the course of some research for my writing I found out that the SharePoint 2010 SDK doesn’t include intellisense for the .actions files (at least as of the August 2010 release). As the schema can be a bit difficult to remember off I searched the interwebs to see if anyone had implemented this already. As luck would have it I was able to find this blog post that included an XSD file, ......

Co-Authoring a Book and Guest Blog Post Coming Soon

A few posts ago you may have read that I have a few side projects going on that would be taking up my time the next few months. I can’t give you full details on many of those yet, but I did want to drop a little information as I’ve been getting questions from friends lately. The first thing that I’m working on is a writing two chapters for a book coming from a big (at least in the SharePoint world) publisher. This project came about because of some great connections I’ve made in the SharePoint community ......

4 Reasons Why You Should Use SYSPREP

If you build virtual machines running Windows operating systems and aren’t using SYSPREP you are costing yourself untold amounts of time. This post will explain be a brief explanation as to why. Background Over the past few weeks I’ve been rebuilding about a dozen of my virtual machines (VMs) due to getting a new work laptop and finally having the hardware to run 3+ of them at once. The last time I went through a rebuild of VMs like this I started to dig into using SYSPREP so reduce the amount of ......