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June 2010 Entries

PowerShell Interview on Technology and Friends

Three weeks ago at the Central Ohio Day of .Net 2010 conference (my recap here) I was approached by one of my Sogeti coworkers David Giard to do a guest interview on PowerShell for his popular video series Technology and Friends. If you’ve never gotten a chance to see this series, in each episode David interviews a special guest on topics ranging across all forms of technology. David even puts in some nice production value with music, overlays, and a special unique ending. His series is a great way ......

Speaking at SPTechCon Boston 2010

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon Boston 2010 this upcoming October 20-22. The presentation I will be giving is titled “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions” and below is the session abstract. I’m very excited to be speaking at SPTechCon Boston as I attended and live blogged the recent SPTechCon San Francisco this past Feb (link here to recap of that event) and was impressed with all of the people and content I was exposed to. If you have a chance to attend SPTechCon ......

Announcing SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2010

It is with great pleasure that today I can announce the very first SharePoint Saturday Columbus. SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2010 will be happening on August 14th at The Conference Center at OCLC in Dublin, OH. As many of the readers of my blog may be aware I’ve attended or spoken at over half a dozen SharePoint Saturdays in the past 8 months alone, but this will be my first time actually organizing one. Myself and a group of very dedicated individuals have been hard at work the past few months ......

How To Configure Remote Desktop To Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machines

<Update 6/7/2010 with feedback from Kelly Jones on network adapters /> Configuring Remote Desktop (RDP) from a host Hyper-V machine to a guest virtual machine can be tricky, so this post is dedicated to the issues and resolution steps I went through to allow RDP. Cutting to the point, below are the things to look for followed by some explanation about my scenario if you care to read. This is not an exhaustive list of what is required, just the items that were causing problems for my particular ......

Central Ohio Day of .Net 2010 Slides and Files

This weekend I presented my “The Power of PowerShell + SharePoint 2007” session at the Central Ohio Day of .Net conference in Wilmington, OH. This is the second year I’ve attended this conference, first time as a presenter. For those unfamiliar Day of .Net conferences are a one-day conference on all things .NET organized by developers for developers. These events are usually offered at no cost to anyone interested in .NET development. The attendees of my session had some great questions and I hope ......

You Can’t Upload An Empty File To SharePoint 2007 Or SharePoint 2010

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory, but I thought it worth mentioning since I had never run across this rule until just recently. A few weeks ago I was testing out a new workflow attached to a SharePoint 2007 document library. I uploaded various file types to ensure all were handled properly. One of the files I happened to test with was an empty .txt file to which I got the following error. As you can see from the error message you aren’t allowed to upload a file that is empty. Fast ......