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April 2010 Entries

Motorola Droid App Recommendations

Just as a disclaimer, the views and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and I’m not getting paid or compensated for anything. Ok, so I’m one of the crazy few who went out and bought a Droid the week it was released a few months back. The Motorola Droid was a MAJOR upgrade in phone capabilities for me as my previous phone had no GPS, no web access, limited apps, etc. I now use my Droid for so much of my life from work to personal to community based events. Since I’ve been using my Droid ......

Be Careful When Referencing SPList.Items

Be very careful how you reference your SPListItem objects through the SharePoint API. I’ll say it again. Be very careful how you reference your SPListItem objects through the SharePoint API. Ok, now that you get the point that this will be a “learn from my mistakes and don’t do unsmart things like I did” post, let’s dig into what it was that I did poorly. Scenario For the past year I’ve been building custom .Net applications that are hosted through SharePoint. These application involve a number of ......

SharePoint Saturday Charlotte 2010 Recap, Slides and Photos

This past weekend I attended SharePoint Saturday Charlotte (SPSCLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina. For those unfamiliar, SharePoint Saturday is a community driven event where various speakers gather to present at a FREE conference on all topics related to SharePoint. This made my fourth SharePoint Saturday attended and third I’ve spoken at. The event was very well organized, attended, and a pleasure to be a part of along with many other great speakers. At SharePoint Saturday Charlotte I had the opportunity ......