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December 2009 Entries

Deploying SharePoint Solution Files to Non-12 Hive Locations on Multiple Web Front Ends

In a previous post, I mentioned having an issue deploying SharePoint solution files to a non-12 Hive locations on all web front ends (WFEs). The problem I faced was that WSPBuilder doesn’t allow me to edit the manifest.xml file (reference, near bottom) and my custom code to copy the files was successful, but only executing on the WFE from which the feature activation command was being called. Once we moved to a multiple WFE environment all of the other WFEs were missing files. The always helpful ......

Fixing the SharePoint DateTimeControl MinDate Property (or How I Learned to Make the DateTimeControl Read-Only and Love SharePoint Controls)

Excusing the long post title referencing Dr. Strangelove, I’d like to point out a small bug with the SharePoint DateTimeControl. If you have ever implemented this control, you may find that you can set the MinDate property which is supposed to limit the range of dates allowed. However, doing so only limits the calendar popup associated with this control, but the user can still enter a date below the MinDate into the textbox (see comments in reference.) I did a little searching on the interwebs and ......

Register External JavaScript and CSS Files On SharePoint 2007 WebPart

If mathematics teaches us anything, it’s that there are usually multiple solutions for one problem. When you need to add a reference to a JavaScript or CSS file for a .Net web application (such as SharePoint) from the code behind you have many options available to you. Below are two SharePoint specific methods that you can use to reference a JavaScript and CSS file from within a web part (or any other custom code solution.) Registering Javascript The first example registers an external JavaScript ......

Deploy Files to SharePoint Web Application Virtual Directories At Feature Activation

Original: 2009/5/6 Updated: 2009/12/1 – see bottom Updated: 2009/12/31 – see bottom (Follow up post here) Have you ever had a need to deploy some files to all of the virtual directories (every IIS site folder corresponding to a zone in the web app) for a SharePoint web application feature? After searching the interwebs high and low I was unable to find any information relating to this topic, so this might very well be one of the first publicly available. I want to say that getting this to work yesterday ......