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October 2009 Entries

Using SharePoint Built-In Property Bags: SPWebApplication.Properties and SPWeb.Properties

I ran across a feature of SharePoint a few weeks ago that I wanted to share: the SPWebApplication.Properties and SPWeb.Properties property bags. These property bags can be used for many different needs, but I see a great application for them with feature activation/deactivation. At my current client we have almost a dozen features that make direct modifications to the web.config files of our web applications (see below for excellent link on making changes to the web.config files.) Some of these modifications ......

Organize Your Desktop With Fences™ From Stardock

Are you a presenter having to deal with your desktop getting jumbled while switching resolutions for a projector? Are you an end user who has too many unorganized desktop icons? I feel like Ron Popeil with lead ins like these, but really I just wanted to pass along a great FREE product I’ve been using the past few months to help me organize my desktop for multiple needs. Stardock released their desktop management tool called Fences which a coworker referred me to a few months ago. Essentially you ......

Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, and Events I’m Speaking At Coming Up

As most of the technology world knows (and even the general public thanks to commercials like the one below… who doesn’t love unicorns, kittens and rainbows) Windows 7 is releasing to the public on Oct 22, 2009. Normally this would get me very excited except that I’ve been running Windows 7 RTM as the primary boot on my home desktop and as the secondary boot on my work laptop for a few months now. I didn’t get much chance to use Vista over the past few years (client workstations with XP, working ......

PowerShell Script: Find All SharePoint Features Installed On Farm

Determining all of the SharePoint features installed on a farm CAN be a very labor intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve ever used the STSADM command line tool you may be aware that there is an “stsadm –o enumsolutions” command to determine all solutions on the farm, but there is no “stsadm –o enumfeatures” command. At a client of mine I was doing wrap up documentation and detailing all of our custom WSP solutions (over 20 now) and the associated features (over 70 it turns out.) ......

A Tale of the SharePoint Timer Service Repeatedly Crashing

SharePoint WSP deployment jobs failing due to a faulty timer job can be a difficult problem to track down. I’ll walk you through the scenario I faced at a client recently with all of the issues I faced due to the SharePoint Timer Service repeatedly crashing. At this client we have close to 20 custom and 3rd party WSPs that are deployed to the primary farm. During a routine rebuild one day we noticed that 3 jobs were consistently failing or listing as “not deployed” (see below.) After quickly digging ......