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September 2009 Entries

"Requested registry access is not allowed" error on .Net / SharePoint application

The error message “Requested registry access is not allowed” coming from a .Net / SharePoint application can be slightly misleading as I will explain in this post. Today I ran into this error message while trying to log into a Forms Based Authentication (FBA) SharePoint site at my client. The hosting web front end (WFE) server was recently rebuilt from scratch (re: fresh OS) so first thoughts pointed towards a permissions error relating to IIS and the registry. Sadly that started to take me down ......

“Server Application Unavailable” Error on SharePoint (or .Net) Web Application

KISS = “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” Remember that acronym as you continue reading. Today I received StackOverflowException errors when deploying custom solutions to a new SharePoint environment at my client. Previously I was under the impression that all of our environments were configured as identical to each other as possible, but as I will explain later that was not the case. Technically speaking this error could happen to any .Net web application, not just a SharePoint one. Little back story, we ......

Selected for COSPUG Member Spotlight of the Month

Recently I was honored to hear that I had been nominated and selected for the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group (COSPUG) Member Spotlight of the Month. I’ve been attending COSPUG regularly for over a year and a half now and recently been getting more involved with the steering committee. Earlier this summer I gave a presentation on “The Power of PowerShell and SharePoint” during a Show-N-Tell event. As an aside, I’m tentatively giving an updated version of that presentation at the SharePoint Saturday ......

Single Sign-On Across .Net Web Apps Using Forms Based Authentication

<foreword>Please read this explanation of Forms Based Authentication (FBA) first if you are unfamiliar with how FBA works or is implemented. </foreword> Achieving single sign-on capabilities using Forms Based Authentication is much easier than I had initially expected, yet it took awhile to find the exact settings required. To get FBA working in SharePoint click here for a good starter from the SharePoint team blog. I also used this article from MSDN as a reference for ultimately determining ......