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August 2009 Entries

Enumerating SharePoint Site Templates for Site Collection with PowerShell

As part of my automated deployment post last week, one step of my deployment script called for creating a SharePoint site collection using the “STSADM –o createsite” command with the –sitetemplate option used for a specific site template. If you have never had to create a site collection from a template at the command line you may not know what to put (or know what is available to you) for the –sitetemplate option. To remedy this I created a very simple PowerShell script that opens a site collection ......

Lessons Learned from Automating a SharePoint Deployment

Now this is a topic that really excites me. It combines two things I love: automation and SharePoint. At my current client we are in the process of moving our custom SharePoint applications to the production environment. As we are moving to production, that means that we develops have less handle on the implementations be they databases, code migration, etc. To ease the load on the infrastructure team who is implementing our custom application I took the liberty of automating as much of the process ......