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June 2009 Entries

Exporting A SharePoint Site Into A Feature: Part 1 - The Tools

Part 1 – The Tools Part 2 - Exporting the Site Part 3 – Exporting the Lists Part 4 – Exporting the Site Columns and Content Types Part 5 – Wrap Up <Update>Please read the intro paragraph of part 5 for a correction relating to the title of this series. It should more appropriately be called something along the lines of “Exporting A SharePoint Site Definition and Features” but I’ll keep the original titling for now</Update> As I promised a blog post or two ago, I’ve been wanting to write ......

Implementing the AJAXControlToolkit AutoCompleteExtender inside SharePoint

<Foreword>For those looking for help integrating the AJAXControlToolkit with SharePoint check out this post: Integrating ASP.NET AJAX with SharePoint</Foreword> I’ve never been one to use JavaScript that much in my web development, partially because I haven’t had much training with it and partially because I usually work on heavy server side web applications. My current work project was well suited for some of the AJAXControlToolkit controls so I’ve been trying out other controls in the ......

“Cannot import this Web Part” Error with SharePoint Site Template

Generic error messages… SharePoint can sometimes be full of them. This morning I ran into the “Web Part Error:: Cannot import this Web Part” error (below) that I’ve seen many times before, but none of the usual fixes corrected it. The background story is that I’m developing a number of site templates that are pre-populated with security groups, lists, content types, and web parts for easy deployment of a custom application hosted on a SharePoint site. [As an aside, in the next week or so I’ll be ......

Attended CINNUG ORM FireStarter event

Been a little while since my last blog post. For awhile I was busy preparing my presentation for the COSPUG Show-N-Tell event and then recently working extra hours for some releases to testing and UAT at my client. That aside I’m ready to get back to some more regular posts. Yesterday myself and a coworker Peter travelled down to Mason, OH for the CINNUG (Cincinnati .Net User Group) ORM FireStarter event. This was a full day event talking about various ORMs (object relational mapping) frameworks ......