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May 2009 Entries

An Alternative for the Modal Popup in SharePoint 2007

This week I got to play with some of the controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit, specifically the Modal Popup Extender. I hadn’t gotten a chance to sink my teeth into anything AJAX so I was pretty excited to see what it offers. On my current project I’m building custom web parts for a SharePoint application being used on limited size screens (think 800x600). As such we need to be very resourceful with screen real estate and limit the number of page changes. The Modal Popup Extender sounded like a great ......

PowerShell + SharePoint Presentation Links and Files

Just got back from giving my PowerShell + SharePoint presentation at the COSPUG Show-N-Tell event. Great turn out with just under 100 registered. Shane Young gave a good keynote even if he let slip a few juicy tidbits about SharePoint 2010. Steve Carvajal also gave a good talk on the upcoming Geneva framework for rights identity. Sadly I didn’t have time to see a speaker during the other slot. Thanks to everyone who came to my talk. Below are links to my presentation and the demo files I used. You’ll ......

Presenting at COSPUG Show and Tell Event

On Friday, May 22nd the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group (COSPUG) is hosting a Show and Tell Event at the Microsoft office in Columbus. I’ll be presenting on combining PowerShell and SharePoint. This will be an introductory style presentation for those who have limited to medium experience with PowerShell and a few “laser show” type finale scripts to hopefully wow the crowd. With the current schedule I’ll be presenting during the last technical track session of the day. Shane Young from SharePoint911 ......

Deploy Files to SharePoint Web Application Virtual Directories At Feature Activation

Original: 2009/5/6 Updated: 2009/12/1 – see bottom Updated: 2009/12/31 – see bottom (Follow up post here) Have you ever had a need to deploy some files to all of the virtual directories (every IIS site folder corresponding to a zone in the web app) for a SharePoint web application feature? After searching the interwebs high and low I was unable to find any information relating to this topic, so this might very well be one of the first publicly available. I want to say that getting this to work yesterday ......