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My blog has moved to WordPress at BrianTJackett.com. Any pages will automatically redirect to the new address in 7 seconds. Please excuse an issues during this migration.

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Brian T. Jackett
Columbus, OH

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April 2009 Entries

Technologies I’m Using and/or Watching

As this week has been very busy I haven’t had time to write up a full blog post about some of the fun things I’m working on, but instead I thought I’d throw out a listing of some technologies I’m currently working on or watching. Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) – I have this installed as my primary OS on my home desktop. Loving the slick interface and list of new features that keep getting announced. My only gripes so far are that the included build of IE8 is beta and can’t be upgraded to RTM, and that ......

The Power of PowerShell and SharePoint: Enumerating SharePoint Permissions and Active Directory

<Update 2013-07-01> This script has been updated for SharePoint 2010 / 2013. Please see my updated script and blog post at PowerShell Script to Enumerate SharePoint 2010 or 2013 Permissions and Active Directory Group Membership. </Update 2013-07-01><Update> Posting code didn’t format as well as hoped. Download the below script here. </Update> For those of you who are SharePoint admins or developers but have never dug into the SharePoint API or PowerShell, I would recommend ......

An Introduction

Hello blog readers. This is my first official blog so let me introduce myself and let you know what types of things to expect from this blog. My name is Brian Jackett and I’m a Senior IT Consultant for Sogeti USA in the Columbus, OH area. My primary focus is on the Microsoft stack, but I started out in the Java realm when I first became a consultant. Throughout life I’ve been called a “utility player”, “jack of all trades”, and general dabbler in many different areas. Much of that led to why I enjoy ......