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I stumbled upon the second edition of this excellent book back in 2006 when I was looking for an in depth explanation of delegates in .Net. What I discovered was a book with an immense amount of detail across a vast array of topics such as Events and Delegates, Garbage Collection, Threading as well as an excellent introduction to types in .Net.

This is one of those books where certain sections are quite simple to understand and some portions cover such fine detail that it's difficult to grasp everything in one sitting.  Section 2 of the book on types is straight forward and I would consider it to be mandatory reading for anyone getting started with .Net development.

The bit in the second edition that I struggled with the most was Part V of the book that covers threading, async operations, thread synchronisation and reflection. The portion on threading has been completely rewritten in the third edition and is now much more accessible without losing depth of coverage.

I wouldn’t say that this is the best book to learn the C# language because of it’s CLR focus but if you’re getting started with C# after working on Java or C for instance then this book is all you need. If you're a beginner developer then this book will significantly enhance your knowledge of the .Net framework and remove a lot of the “magic” that goes with understanding a new framework. If you're an experienced developer you'll appreciate the high level of detail.

I keep coming back to this book when I think my understanding of some aspect of the CLR is insufficient or if I feel that I need to read a section again to bring my knowledge up to a level that I would like or to confirm my understanding of a concept. 

In summary CLR via C# is essential reading for any .Net developer and is a classic. 5 Stars!

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