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Today was a sad day for the developer communities in Chicago and in the US in that we lost a good friend and advocate for the right way to use technology, Dave Bost. He was a big guy who was able to connect with humor and insights in not just specific tools, but also understanding the where, how and why these were compelling. He leaves behind family, friends and a world that will seem a little quieter and vacant in his absence.

Dave is not the only loss to this sometimes tight, sometimes confused community of technologists. It was just last month that Farhan Muhammad who besides sponsoring user groups and events, ran the Minnesota Developer Conference, passed away unexpectedly too. Have to remember Kent Tegels, who with his charm and wit, and a little common sense with SQL helped build the tech community in Omaha to what it is. Or Eric Jacobs in Des Moines, who was always there to connect with the community and give what it needed. You will be missed!

It would not be hard to turn this post into a memorial or an ode to Dave or to Farhan or the others, there is a lot that could be said. But it is a reminder to us that this thing we call life is a journey of many steps and we need to take the opportunity to stop occasionally and take inventory. None of these guys were not even half way to a century, and we take for granted that we’ll have the chance to take care of things tomorrow.

What’s important to you? There’s a story about big rocks and little rocks, and how do you make sure that you take care of what’s really a priority and make time for it. You have to take time to make time…

…and make time to be there. Life is too short to drink cheap beer.

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