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I wasted a bit of time on this issue today, so I thought I’d add it to my blog.I just wanted to schedule a task in Windows 7 Task Scheduler to run every hour forever. I already had this working on an old XP box so thought porting to a new Windows 7 box would be easy. I copied and pasted all of the options and then clicked run. The task failed and in the ‘Last Run Result’ column in the task list on the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ page I got the error code 0x8007010B.It turns out that this is caused by ......

As a techie it is often useful to quickly look at a file in notepad, so I always add it as a shortcut in the 'Send to' right click option of Windows explorer. Trouble is I always forget where to add the shortcut when I use a new PC! So for future reference...1. In windows explorer go to the folder:%USERPROFILE%\AppDat... Right-click and select New->Shortcut3. Choose file: %WINDIR%\notepad.exeObviously you can add other shortcuts in here too.# ......