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March 2011 Entries

I have had to rebuild my Windows 7 PC and all has gone fairly well until I tried to connect to a Samba share on a legacy Linux box running Redhat 8. No matter what combination of domain / user /password I would just see the same message of: "The specified network password is not correct." This is a misleading error, very annoying and a little confusing until I found a hint that Windows 7 default authentication was not supported on older Samba implementations. I guess I figured this out once before ......

I spent most of yesterday removing an annoying virus from my PC. I feel slightly foolish for getting one in the first place, but after so many years I guess I was always going to eventually succumb. I was also a little surprised at the failure of various tools at removing it. The virus would redirect the browser to websites including ‘licosearch’, ‘hugosearch’ and ‘facebook’, and the disk would be thrashing away infecting dlls in some way. I had the full up to date version of McAfee installed. This ......

Looking in Web Analytics I could see several external sites pointing at an old .htm file on my web server that no longer existed, so I thought I would get IIS to redirect to the new .aspx replacement. How hard could it be? This has annoyed me for quite a while today so here is the answer. 1. Install the Http Redirection module - this is not installed by default!! Windows 7 Start->Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows Features on or off. Internet Information Services->World ......