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so i figured this one out, as a newcomer to the web development scene from the telecom biz, where we dealt with low level hardware API's, and a C++ fanboy, i tend to be bothered by automagical code, yes i appreciate the effort that went into it, and i certainly appreciate the luxury it provides to get more things done, but i just don't get it.

so i decided to change that, and start investigating the new MVC based web apps, and at first it was like hitting a brick wall, i knew MVC from MFC days, so i'm familiar with the pattern, but i just couldn't get my head around the web version of it, till i came to realize the routing, is actually a separate feature to be inspected, much like understanding how LINQ works by better understanding anonymous objects.

and so this article serve as an introduction to the following blogs where i share my views of how routing works, and then leverage that to the MVC level, and play around that field for a bit.

as with most of my shared knowladge that may seem trivial to some, but i guess a newcomer's point of view can be useful for some folks out there.

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2010 2:51 AM Random thoughts , MVC | Back to top

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