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Yes, not only did we finally digitize the 500+ CD's in the house but they now all live on my Zune, rocketroll.  It is really amazing to me that I could stuff all that music onto my little brown (of course) Zune.  First, the digitizing process, all I can say is be patient. It was so exciting though to rediscover some of the old stuff, but it took a lot time over the course of a couple weeks to get it all done. I am sure that if you had time to sit and feed CD's to the computer all day long it could have been done quite quickly. Then, synchronizing to rocketroll was pretty quick and I am still amazed that it found most of the album art.  I have some very random stuff. Or at least I thought it was before this!

All my Josh Joplin, Modest Mouse and Ghostland Observatory are there - for those of you that have found my blog from searches on those bands. Plus, the complete Pixies library and lots of Robyn Hitchcock. And of course the full U2 collection (thanks to Jason's additions to the home collection).

Next challenge is to manage stuff off of rocketroll as I get new music and as I find those lost CD's (there were about 20 - a perfect small carrier worth) missing.

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 2:31 PM Music , Technology , Interesting Random Things | Back to top

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