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So, it is that time of year and the leagues have risen.  I am in two this year and one draft is down and one to go mid-next week.  I am happy with how the Crushers have shaped up in the big and competitive league that we drafted for already. I mean, I got Peyton Manning, need I say more.  Others in the league are blogging their Java app experience and questions about ESPN's fantasy technology - like Jana. All I know for sure is that the system has improved since last season and it was really easy to draft.  It was a scene out of Geeks and Jocks Collide though...a funny place where geeky guys (and gals) get a strange infusion of sport.  Don't get me wrong, the geek was still the dominant feature with Excel sheets and statistical analysis running amok. 

Looking forward to drafting in the other league next week. 

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 8:03 AM Interesting Random Things | Back to top

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