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I have made it to Amsterdam.  The flight was long but not as long as the one I have to look forward to later in the week.  It is a perfect day here - sunny and warm with a nice breeze.  I (of course) am in between meetings in the conference center.  The city may change but the schedule stays the same and the battle with the network is always raging on.  One nice thing is the public transportation system - the tram - is available to take back and forth from my hotel to the center.  I have gotten to see a bit of the city via my taxi rides and those are always fun here as the taxis dodge the cyclists.  Only a couple of riders were nearly taken out by my drivers.  Nearly is the key word - every time it seems like an inevitable collision everyone comes out unscathed.  Posted on Monday, June 28, 2004 7:23 AM Interesting Random Things | Back to top

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