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One of the new features in Biztalk 2006 is the use of pipeline in your orchestration. Recently I was involved in a Biztalk 2006 project were we needed to route messages through Biztalk were (for the larger part) Biztalk engine was unaware of the schema of the data being processed. In Biztalk 2004 this would involve some helper code to be written. In Biztalk 2006 you can accomplish this quit easilly.

Our main orchestration received the data from a soap call. The data we needed to proces was inside an any node in the received data. We needed to extract the XML in the any node and send along for further processing by another orchestration. Afterwards we received the processed data back to our main orchestration and needed to put the processed data in the respons of the soap call.

For both sending the data to be processed and extracting the processed data we used a pipeline call (send and receive pipeline respectively). The pipeline call executed a custom pipeline to envelope / de-envelope the data.

I'm quit pleased with this new addition to Biztalk 2006 because I think it can make life a lot easier in a couple of scenario's.

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