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Been using ReliableSessionBindingElement within WCF, I found we can not set the retry interval, as we only can set MaxRetryCount. WCF uses an internal algorithm to determine when to retransmit, based on a computed average round-trip time. The initial retry time is computed based on the measured roundtrip time of establishing the session. The retransmission algorithm doubles the delay with every attempt, for example, if we set the MaxRetryCount to 8(default), if WCF determines the initial retry time to be 2 seconds, then 8th retry will set the retry ackonwledgement time to be 2^8 which is 512 seconds. We can not change the acknowledgement interval manually. so if you see from Fiddler, WCF Visualizer or Trace Viewer, it is not surprise to see some messages been sent several times if you use ReliableSession. There is no other way to avoid this except making server stateless (disable ReliableSession)



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