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On JobsBlog on MSDN Blogs, there is a recruiter suggestion that your identity might be googled prior to an interview to find out more about you. (Bite of Advice - The Art of the Search Part 1).

So to experiment with this, I googled my name and city. I get this blog at the top. I get, my original site and original blog, and I get a bunch of other Scott Miller stuff.

Scott Miller is a common name, even in Kansas.

(I remember being five years old and, like a "big boy", telling the receptionist at the doctor's office that I was Scott Miller and I was there for my appointment. When she said, "Which Scott Miller?" I was devastated. It never occurred to me that there could another Scott Miller in the world, let alone my home town.) But I digress...

There are at least five Scott Miller's in this town of 300k people. These include a Scott Miller who is an instructor at Wichita State University, and the manager at the North Branch YMCA, and several kids named Scott Miller who have gained awards in town. I have had at least one phone call from a bank that swore that I was the Scott Miller who had defaulted on his loan and they were submitting me for default action.

So, if I am googled by a recruiter or prospective employer, will I have to do damage control on what they find?

Not only does my google footprint contain my blog, but also all of my Amazon product reviews. This certainly makes you think twice about posting the rant of the year, doesn't it?

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