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Yes the last post was my 100th post. Nitin, a dear friend of mine who also is a blogger (got introduced by Tejas) did ask me some time ago why I stopped blogging. No reasons there of everything should be considered an excuse if I had to state any :(. So my resolution after posting the 100th post to my blog is to keep blogging at a decent frequency and I shall genuinely undertake this exercise .

Next what am I doing these days?

Well... For starters I am in Seattle and contracting at Microsoft. I am still working with Satyam and I am glad about the work I do... My latest work interest require me to evaluate a local database or storage option for our Outlook addin. Ofcourse after going over a few options I am leaning towards opting in for Sql Server Compact Edition (Formally Sql Server Everywhere and even earlier Sql Server Mobile). I also roughly evaluated VistaDB (I did it during my own personal time to evaluate what they call as the world's first 100% managed light weight SQL DB). I strongly recommend anyone evaluating a local database option should read Steve Laskar's whitepaper comparing Sql Express vs. Sql Compact edition. Though you may think it is a bit biased towards Sql Server there is a lot of detail about what really would be the needs and requirements which dev's, designers and architects need to think proactively while deciding a local datastore requirement.

I am hooked to TV and it has again become part of my day to day life. Few of my favorite are "Grey's Anatomy", "Desperate Housewives", "Vanished", "Heroes", "Eureka", "Dexter", "Kyle XY", "Jericho" and the list goes on... I had heard good things about "BattleStar Gallactica" and over the last weekend I managed to see Season1 and I am excited to watch and finish Season 2 over the thanksgiving weekend coming soon.

I used to be a movie buff but haven't really been upto date on movies but I think I will be soon visiting a theater near by to watch "Casino Royale"

Some of you may know my association with MUGH and the core team especially my ties with some; Sudhakar, Arun, Anjana, Thota Umesh to name a few... MUGH is going to conduct one of there largest developer events (DevCon 2006)for the year of 2006 at Hyderabad. Details about the event can be found at their home page.

Overall life is pretty decent and well taken care of... While all this is going on I have some major changes which are to take place in the coming months with me... Hope to keep my friends and fellow bloggers upto date from here...

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