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Questions which are on my mind right now. Hope I can fill in results for these questions some time (hopefully soon)!

1. How can the bootstrapper model of deployment be applicable for merge modules (currently you cannot write a bootstrapper setup for a merge module)
2. How do you install your application using setup.exe (the bootstrapper) but launch the final MSI in silent mode? (though the bootstrapper setup help states that any parameters other than -homesite, -url, ... are specified then they are passed as is to the setup MSI - I tried supplying setup.exe /passive thinking that /passive would be passed to the setup MSI but it does not behave that way)
3. How to write an application and ship it (not as an MSI) and also run the bootstrap module to check and install prerequisites (I think this link points to what I am asking for)

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 11:40 PM Technical | Back to top

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