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Just managed to force myself away from the work I have and thought I should blog my status. I believe more or less most of us can determine how much work and follow up they would require to do by the amount of email which lies unread in their relevant mailboxes.

Here goes mine.

HotMail: 32 Unread Mails + 4 in the Junk folder = 36 and growing (dont wonder how I can do it though I have a 2MB account. Every night select all delete is the mechanism unless I know which ones I need to read)
My mailbox: 90 and growing
My Work place email: 127 in the deleted items folder + 140+ from relevant DLs I read + 6 from my regular inbox folder.
Yahoo: Inbox(3), Bulk(40), DotNet Web(556), JavaDesk(8), tmp(30)
GMail I use it only for specific purposes still it has 6 unread emails :(

And I have pending mailers to the Ineta India team & ofcourse a few to my UG core team.....

Btw I am flying back to Redmond again from India for deployment of the current release of the App and probably spend time on the vNext of this app I am working. If I find time I should be able to do some writing and talks on Smart Clients and stuff like that.

ETA at Seattle Tacoma: 16th October Afternoon.

This time I have to make sure meet up with folks from the Seattle UG's :)

Ok now back to work....


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well, you could actually check all these mails instead of wasting time in writing this blog entry..heh
Left by PodoMack on Oct 19, 2004 4:06 AM

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Assalamualikum Tameem Ansari,
How are you?? I went through your blog, it is pretty intresting.I think sending feedback on your blog is an easier way to comunicate with you rather than sending mails. Just to let you know i have no unread mails in any of my inbox so you can IMAGINE!!.
As of now alhamdulillah i am at UK, may be returning to india in mid november inshallah.

DO give me your mobile number once you get it inshallah.

Take care
Left by Rahmatullah on Oct 19, 2004 4:51 AM

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