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It was D-Day for which two weeks and lot of mails were circulated among the core team of MUGH. And the big day came just couple of days before I was leaving from Hyderabad. I am talking about the anniversary celebrations for MUGH.

I was also game to dress up myself as an usher portraying my favourite character Garfield. well I didnt dress up that way.

[Edit]We had couple of people like Pooran Prasad, Sriram who wanted to grace this occasion but could not make it and we all were pretty hectic with our countdown for the celebrations that we could not manage to get the Ineta folks also for the celebrations.

This was also the same day when SqlCon got its 50 100 member mark. In veerji's words a small gift from the sister chapter to MUGH.

we had Abhishek kant (My MVP lead) coming in from banglore with goodies ofcourse for members and participants of DNUG and MUGH alike.

I can write much but I believe enough had been blogged about this in detail but another core member and new blogger on the block Lakshmi (aka AlwaysLakshmi inthe forums) you can read her blog entry here!!

I have put up few of the snaps we took at the anniversary at my blogger site and you can find it here.

It was a blast but I do agree that I could not manage to write a follow up mail to Pooran who happens to be in charge of writing for the Ineta Newsletter and he wanted a short writeup by me on the anniversary celebrations and I never found time. I guess he might be just screeming at me if that had been one of the reasons for the newsletter to go out late.

Talking of newsletter the MUGH MTC went for a face lift with a similar look and feel what most microsoft msdn subscribers are used to. Check it out.

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# re: Mugh anniversary Celebrations
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Hey..there was 100 member count in SQlCon on anniv day ..not 50 :)
Left by Anjana on Jun 22, 2004 2:02 AM

# re: Mugh anniversary Celebrations
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I stand corrected my sweet lady :)
Left by Teucer on Jun 22, 2004 2:13 AM

# re: Mugh anniversary Celebrations
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Err...I really wanted to be there but I wasnt. So my name is probably up there by mistake :-)
Left by Sriram on Jun 22, 2004 9:14 AM

# re: Mugh anniversary Celebrations
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Thanks Sriram, btw congrats for being the manager of the best student user group in India.

Must have been that late night blues due to which I had errors :(
Left by Teucer on Jun 22, 2004 1:26 PM

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