2 Year ago I write a post here to give my view on Mysql and it’s nuget packages


Nuget package is much better way to fix the dll. Just type the command in console and reference has been added to your C# project very easily. You don’t need to do anything to update it every time.

Visual studio make this process easier.


From last few days I got a trouble. When I share with my code with other it’s not work on another machine which have Mysql Connector installed on the system.

Everytime I take there code and compiled on my machine and give them back it’s not working there. Nuget installed the nuget packages again and it’s use nuget packages reference there and it’s installed on there machine which make trouble on c# to run them.


The code will be compiled, Warning will be shown in Error in visual studio. But because Connector have a DLL installed in GAC it will make issues that “not matched“.

Now to fix this issues try this trick.


Open the csproj file of your project. Search for mysql


replace it with this code, Previously it’s referenced from packages folder, Now if you are making reference from bin folder it will work.


<Reference Include="MySql.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c5687fc88969c44d, processorArchitecture=MSIL">

projname is your own projectname. Now it’s called the dll from your bin. Change the path according to your project location.

Now open the packages.config and where it’s stored the packages settings. Now remove the mysql reference from there but cut the line that have mysql.

If you have attached many project to your project do same on that too if they have mysql too.


Now it fixed. Now VS will not download the dll from Nuget again and again. Now they are calling it from Bin folder.


Yahooooooo. Now Nuget can’t burn my minutes to just fix them again and again.


Happy Coding Smile


On error page you will see something like this


On error page you will see something like this

LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319/Temporary ASP.NET Files/


Open this folder, replace every / to \  because Windows understand the folder different way. Delete everything and compile again. For me it’s working.


If you still found this trouble try to update packages from this answer


Happy Coding Smile


As a ASP.NET Developer when a C# developer meet another kind of developer (Ruby, PHP and anything else) than first thing we hate is

He can choose any kind of IDE. He can use PHP in Sublime text and sublime text code are able to debug the PHP code. Many kind of gap between us and these people will be filled by Microsoft in upcoming years.

Now we can write code in Sublime text that is about C# language. It’s not awesome as VS IDE experience.


In 2014 I don’t add too many bugs to , I thing that place need to be retired. That sound old thing that need more polish to get it worked.

Many bugs that I posted in 2014 has been closed without any message. When I say how, Got response that it’s has been fixed.

So a bug that has been opened from 15, 30 days suddenly closed and got hear nothing before getting it closed. this kind of thing threat to the person who continuously find a bug that can improve the stability of software and found a various kind of changes that improve workflow.


The Open-source software Like Firefox and other take bugs seriously. For Example Posting bugs to Firefox is better than for Visual studio. At-least dozen of people come and respond me that is not work directly for Mozilla but on I feel like I have gone to government place where nobody care or care less seriously.

when Microsoft is releasing Community edition of Visual studio 2013 I thing to write a post here to mention that Visual studio express missing many features that should be available to a web-developer that is using Express version of Visual studio. They release it and I want to say “Thanks you for that”.


In last year Microsoft open-source the .net Framework. If I thing clearly I didn’t get enough time to play with stuff released in 2014. What I hope is getting more active in community for ASP.NET MVC programming.


In last days I hear that Microsoft going to going to kill IE. I have no wonder because IE  is a software that mostly wastage of Time for web-developer. I hear from people who got there project late just because IE.

2 year ago I write this post and got too much traffic for just one thing that is broken in IE.


IE has 2 impact on web-developer’s life. One is they make money because of IE, This is skill that you can troubleshoot IE or not, secondly it’s bad when it’s make website not running in good way.


Forget it, I hope Microsoft will fix this trouble better.

2 year ago I bought Windows 8 phone Lumia 520 and it’s not running good as I expect. The hardware is good but software is crap. Yes, I hate it for many thing. I recently read on some blog that in future I can run android app in Windows phone. If it’s gone done it’s can be very good for Windows phone platform. has done it already for Windows OS. if it’s come to Windows phone platform it will be best.


Few days ago Github has been blocked in India for they have ISIS content. Now Government has unblock the site.  These thing will make no impact because If site is genuine then more people will come to protest.


I read all over the internet that in future everything will become packages. The .net framework for Desktop programming will be different than the one who are used for web-programming. That thing sound cool.


Another cool thing will be Spartan that Is New Browser from Microsoft according to news over the internet. Let’s see how people take bugs in Spartan. As me I always ready to found bugs in everything (any kind of apps). It’s may doesn’t sound cool but help to make a software better.

So Maybe VS15 and Win10 will launch this year (if it’s not going late). As everything has been disclosed on internet nothing make any exclamation to people because everyone know earlier something about that.


So only thing I need to focus in 2015 is ASP.NET programming to learn something better and be more productive. Yeah since VS community 2015 will be free ,I  can fill more bugs to This is my fantasy with Microsoft and I enjoy it.

I hope this year will be wonderful to everyone.

Happy coding year 2015.

Wish you a very happy new year,

Don’t worry, I know today is 2015- Jan 3 and I am late. np Smile