Google mail and Outlook is two most used software for reading emails. From last few days I got a problem.


The problem is the size of content is bigger than my screen. The problem can be fixed just by remove the right bar in Outlook and Google mail both.


Now how to fix it.


Install this plugin


This plugin will help us to achieve this goal now.


You can simply inspect everything that you want to hide.


For Outlook I do

width: 1160px;


and for Google mail I do




Both hide the right panel and now I can read my mail without using scroller  to left and right.


For the Url option you need to set Urls on Domain

and For gmail it must be like this


You can try this trick on many site to improve the readability. This tricks help us to be productive.


Disclaimer : Please don’t block the ads on Internet. Ads run the internet. The trick I show here is just for save time and being productive.


Hope this help Smile


Less than six months ago I see a thing like Internet explorer 7 developer channel. It’s look like quite impressive for developer. Now Microsoft has killed it.

Now here is the update from Microsoft

“To continue previewing the latest IE web platform, join the Windows Insider Program and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Once you join the Windows Insider Program, you’ll be subscribed to receive all the latest Windows 10 and IE preview builds as soon as they’re available or you can try RemoteIE if you want to run IE from any platform.

What’s new in the November 12th update.

We look forward to your feedback!”


If I move to Windows 10 Nobody will provide solution from Microsoft support team If anything goes wrong for me, They will say “We don’t provide support Alpha or developer build”.

So this is a nice way to force people to use something (even user not want to) or just killing product.


The developer channel is no longer work for me that I installed on my PC. When I open it “this developer channel build expire. Try to update to latest“.


I am attaching here image for a question arise from comment that remoteIE can work. I tried but it’s not worked for me.