Firebug 13 are currently in development process.

In firebug 13 you can search the element the way we do in CSS. This is much better and save time. Now just put your selector in search bar and now you are moving to your code. Untitled


In this picture I demo how I search a element of this is example of how this feature will work. If you want to use Firebug 13 then follow this blog post to get it


One of my friend share his college experience with me. He is not related with computer science. One day he told me that Ankia Fadia come to their college. In front of many student he show how to hack BSNL website by tricks. he break the flow how BSNL site work. I have told them BSNL is one of the most unsecure website of India Sad smile


If you logged-in to website maybe it’s run in few seconds but sometime it run in 58 minute. OK this is not grammar mistake 58 minute is less then 1 hour. This means open a tab and put the link to open. it will open in hours.

If you are using IE8, Chrome and Firefox you will be forced to use IE7 or downgrade. I simply use Ie7 mode in IE for make it work. This happen because they use something that is called DynaTrace.

This site is most unsecure. now guess how !


Suppose my username is xyz and password is abc. How I can reset the password I simply go to website and in their site when I do reset my password he told me to fill password and password will not worked can use here password here to reset my password.

Remember that username are different then broadband username and password. Suppose if I want to reset your password I simply need to know your broadband username and I can reset it myself. I just logged in with my username and when I open the page for reset password I can fill your bb username and password will work here. I have not tried this.

the broadband username can easily guess. this is depend on same way how people’s broandband username made.

IS this Safe ?

Nope, There are many thing on the site which make me feel that is 1900 century website. They still lived in popup life.  These site are nothing but a crap. not work most of time and when work it’s run too slowly.



I used from 1-2 years. have nice experience to use it. it’s not so easy. When I started using it it’s make many confusion. Now I switch from it.


When I first time see I really didn’t understand how to make a private list. There is a icon on top click on it and make it private. After doing that I still not sure if this is working. There is a lot of confusion made that time. I discuss too much to figure out small small things.

The UI is interesting but so hard to understand.  What I am looking for is just a list that I can hold private. I would like to share it only if I put them shared and put email address of person to hold them same list.

Few days ago I see that My Win8 phone have a app that call Microsoft OneNote. The good thing of this MS app is that I can record my voice in the app. If someone want to make a list for future then he just need to say and this can be recorded.  This is awesome when you feel that Mobile keypad is just not so fast as a normal regular keyboard.


Google docs are another good option to handle this thing. Just make a word file and use it. share it with friend with many option. One best thing is this app have very simply UI then any other apps.


One more alternative is which you hear from joel on their blog

There are many html5 and browser based, mobile based app. Many of them support multi platform feature. this means you can have them from PC to your Pocket. One good thing we all wanted is offline. if you are not online thing will be saved and push back to server when you will be online.


The biggest problem with some apps are they are attractive easy but hard to learn. Their one feature are not clearly defined what he does. This make frustration and confusion to user. When app are not simple to use people start stop trying to learn it.

That’s all the problem I have with

If you don’t want to try anything then what about Sticky Notes that is part of Windows 7. This app are still usable since you can store the text on it.

If you know any good app to make a task list that provide access from tablet/mobile then put comment here. In the whole world of app there is a lot of app for doing this same thing differently. I mention few of them here. I hope this is nice to describe it.


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Today I activated Google notification and it’s start showing me post from Google plus. Now I disable it but it’s not worked. Disabling it from Google account doesn’t work Sad smile Still show me a lot of  notification.


Here is what you need to do if you have same problem



From a long time There is a theme for Firefox that is called MacOSX Theme This is used for make Firefox appearance like Mac. The bad news about this add-ons is that this plugin doesn’t maintain as good as it should be. Now this add-ons theme doesn’t work current Firefox.

Don’t worry. You can got it 

Note:-  This plugin is work of and found online

I just patch it for people who have problem with installing it on latest Firefox.

You can still use This theme from original site with this hack this plugin make the unsupported plugin worked.


The new Interface for installing Google chrome is shown below.




From the first tweet shown in the image it’s look like Microsoft have released Visual Studio 2013. The link is certainly not worked.  The given link show that post not found Not Found: Resource Not Found

The Account who posted this can be found here




Update:- Here is all confusion clear


Soon you will see a new version of MVC5 in VS2013. MVC5 will be incorporated in VS2013. MVC3 will not be supported in VS2013 (but I found Any kind of MVC version can be used in MV by my tricks). I confirmed it on channel9 last time. So People who have installed only VS2013 or doesn’t have old version will be got trouble with the project that is still in MVC3. This error happen because MVC4 and 5 installation doesn’t contain the DLL that is used in Version 3 of ASP.NET MVC.


Don’t be panic. You guys want to upgrade your project. Here is a trick  to solve the issue.


When you open the project you have seen that in Reference there is some dll that have yellow icon. This means that dll are missing or not found in your configuration or system.


Now remember that dll name. Remove them from reference and add them from adding reference. I telling you to remove so VS will not prevent you to add new version of same assembly. Add all those assembly.

Those dll will be following :


Razor and Webpages Dll.


Remember that in MVC3 we use old version of these assembly. Now When you done by adding all assembly then now open web.config.


There is 2 web.config file in our mvc project.  One is in root folder and second in Views folder. You need to update all those version no. This is not a big deal if you know the name of assembly. Now if you web.config show you assembly version as 3.000.00 then 3 would be replaced with 4 or 5 according to version no. Same thing need to applied all dll for both web.config.


Note :- In VS Template Views goes in ~/Views folder but if someone use any other folder then Views for views and those folder have also web.config then remember to update them also. Your project will be compile and make no warning and error but that certainly not work. for examples areas/views and themes/views that contain web.config also need to be updated with newer assembly version no.


After done these thing you can compile your project and it will be work as it should be Smile

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