Recently Youtube update their android app. In this post I will demonstrate you the feature that is not work correctly (maybe not totally).

When a user want to unsubscribe and click on subscribe it’s look like they have successfully unsubscribed but it’s not. I tried to do same with many channel but none of them unsubscribed.

When I click on subscribed (which I already have) then it’s removed from left side “What to Watch” panel. Now it’s means it’s successfully unsubscribed but it’s not. Sometime it’s not removed from left (when you tried fast).

When I check the subscription on YouTube none of channel is removed from my subscription. I remove them one by one on their site.

In my android device I have a settings > preloading > checked both option

Preload subscriber

Preload Watch later.

Check both option have a new kind of bug now. I have seen that now it’s show me list of channel which I have removed from youtube by going to site directly. it’s not updated frequently. it’s make a confusion to user.

So there is 2 problem in Youtube android app.

1. Remove the channel from subscription doesn’t do anything.

2. not update the list of subscription when frequently. removing channel sometime not even removed from left side panel.

Hey Youtube, Fix those issue Smile Sad smile Smile with tongue out


In your web-application if you are using mp3 file and on client side It’s partially cached and you want them to directly open them in browser it will not work. There is a little trick to get it worked.


Remember the query-string trick that is used for invalidate the cache in jQuery.

for example

if you don’t want to cache the stuff in browser then we use timestamp

Everytime time is new integer so this will never be cached.

Same thing can be used for mp3.

Now Chrome will not download the cached the mp3 file. The benefit of using this trick is chrome will not take a long time to show the file that chrome already have partially cached.


In the starting of this month I bought a nokia phone. the design and look of the phone is pretty good. I have some issue with the phone that I am going to describe here.

When I got my phone it’s look awesome. I just hold it in my hand and it’s work well. Suddenly my hand make a motion and it’s going restart. I feel it’s feature but it’s not. its’ fault. UPDATE This problem  has been fixed when I have gone to Nokia care center.

In few days I see that my phone have volume down key broken. I search online and figure out how many people have same issue. UPDATE This problem is also fixed by Nokia care for now.

Something I don’t like is different in convention that has been used in this phone and other devices.


It can’t provide access my own storage drive on my phone. 

XBOX music player doesn’t have feature to seek the music. you need to push the button for seconds to backward the music.

some setting are really annoying the user. a example of that is when your battery goes down 43% then it will turn off the WIFI. it will not make a notification and if you on it again it will off.

The button that is provided for BING must have ability to change it to something else.

In Windows 8 you need to pay for app that is provided freely on IOS and android. Do you really want to pay when android gave same thing free of cost. android have more user so you pay for software that has not even not used by many people as android.

Youtube app is not working. it’s not fault of MS. it’s fault of Goo$le.

There are many thing that can be improved, wait for future update to fix these issues.



Yesterday I write my post How LinkedIn bugging its own user ! about spam. I got 4 same mail from LinkedIn. I am amazed that how they can do this mistake with me. How many person got 4 mail (unusually).

Now I read a article that make me thing that LinkedIn has been hacked by someone. Maybe this is how I got 4 spam mail in same minutes.

I can’t confirm anything.Here is post about it


LinkedIn send me same message 4 time today.




Sometime you have seen that article written somewhere is very good but there is a lot of distraction on site. Maybe that is the single reason you hate them. Now I gave you how to remove that distraction.



Check  that this will hide the image on site. This is just a example of how you can do it. You can simply apply on any site you have in your mind. When you do it and refresh the page don’t be confused. you need a to open same thing in next tab instead of refresh.



Firefox 24 will be out officially soon. Meanwhile you can download it from ftp site



I just bought Nokia Lumia 520 in last week and this week I hear that Microsoft Bought Nokia.

Few months ago My asha 311  have some problem and stop working. I go to Service center and they refuse to fix my issue. I have no other option to do anything. In last day I bought a brand New Lumia 520 phone.

I just read the news “Microsoft bought Nokia” I don’t know what will happen to future of phone. Maybe Microsoft will put their own logo on phone which have print “Nokia” previously.


If you want to tried better way to use select tag in html then look at bootstrap based select2 at

Using this plugin you can easily search for option you want to choose.

For example you want to search “xx abc yz” now if you type abc then you can got it in select2 when native html5 never do it for you. select2 allow you to easily find the option you looking for.

Many kind of customization make it awesome.



This is just a css experiment.


You have seen the code something like this.

background:url("/images/repeated_bg.png") repeat scroll center top red;

but wait, why the color is set to red when image will be repeated all-over.



In firefox install the web-developer plugin in add-ons. Now go to images > disable all images.

Now see that text is not visible if the text have color that is white. This is working before because there is background behind the text.



Suppose you design your UI for desktop user. Now someone use mobile or tablet to access your website. Some browser manipulate the code to make it work in Mobile. that time it will be broken. The text if going outside the image will not work well.


suppose for example look at and now open the web-developer and disable the image once again. Now you see that navigation is not working well.

open Firebug and check this code


background: url("/images/navigation_background.png") repeat scroll center top transparent;


now change the transparent color  to RED (which is nearly same to the background-image in background property) then it will work.


If there is non-repeated image have set in background property then should I need to define background color also?

This is a good question, Effectively this color will be shown when your image are  broken. When you define the image tag (<img />) it will take place depend on size of image. If your code have CSS property Width and Height on img tag then Browser will make them small (it will not crop it like photoshop do). In that case you can define the color that will be seen when image are broken.

If you don’t know about Alt and Title then alternative text (alt attribute on img) will be shown when image are broken. The title text (title attribute in img) is shown when image is hovered by cursor.


I thing this would be helpful to describe why we need to set the background color in image property when we use repeated background images.



When you use Visual studio express (or above) and go to Manage Nuget package for this solution then you see it’s show you the new version you want to install. Till now 3.x has been released.

If you want to use old 2.3.2 version then look at this

Run this in package manager console

Install-Package Twitter.Bootstrap -Version 2.3.2

This will add the old version of bootstrap (which version you have tried) you want in your project.