There is many difference between Div and html.


Div is block element and span is inline. If you give padding to div it will work but not to span without set display :block or :inline-block

You can use span inside div but not div inside span. If you tried it you can see code is invalid.

Read this discussion on SO


After writing my recent post Facebook allow you to abuse in Non-English words ? I am looking for better social networking site. I found Facebook is not more then time wasting time. People share links and posts. Nowadays Facebook is marketing tool. Twitter is not useful too when you can’t say anything in less then 140 words.

Now look at it’s very good site compare to other two. You can read a lot of discussion their. Too many discussion that you want to listen about.

I am happy to use no need of Facebook and Twitter. Both are dying already Smile


Gmail is a nice app for reading mail. You can use Gmail on your phone, desktop or any other device very easily. Till now it have some kind of trouble for user. now they have fix it.


The problem is with newsletter and mail that Google alert generate and send them to user. I mostly do these spam because they take a lot of space of my inbox and there is hard to check other mail when you got a lot of Google alerts mail.


Now happy to say problem is solved. They have now sort out mail in different different category.




Now these kind of mail is gone in Update tab and I don’t need to spam them for hide.




Browser use Caching for file that is mostly chanced to use again as resources on page.


When you visit any site chrome download these file from http server and cache for you inside the browser. it will help them to make less load on server and loadtime on client side browser.

You can see those file’s list at chrome://cache/ open this url in browser’s omnibar and you will got the list of cached file from the site that you currently have visit.

If you use chrome dev tool on any site you can see those file in network tab. the good thing is you can download the image,mp3 file if you like to have them.

The one way to access the file is when you use the site then open the tool and go to network tab. You can see a lot of file their when they requested on the page. You can click on it and got the file (one way).


The second way is the one that I show you earlier (chrome://cache open it in browser).

Cheers, You can enjoy this trick on site that use html5 or sometime play music on it. You can got it and put them on your device if that sound pretty cool.




Today Chrome 28 has been launched.  Here is the detail of bugs that has been fixed in this release



Recently I confirmed on channel9 about MVC support in Visual studio 2013.

  • ASP.NET MVC 5 requires ASP.NET 4.
  • VS2013 has MVC4 and MVC5
  • VS2012 has MVC3 and MVC4
  • VS2010 has MVC2 and MVC3

Thanks Scott to share this information. You can read further detail as comment here


Last time I write a post about how to extract image from Microsoft Word file. I provide instruction in this post that work without having Microsoft office.

In this post I will introduce a another nice thing which even don’t required to have WINDOWS.


Look at install it in chrome. It will work on Linux, Mac and Windows. For extract image here is the instruction.


1. CTRL + O and choose the file.

2.  You can your doc file loaded inside the chrome

3. Right click and save.  Remember that it will not save in any extension. You need to do it manually.

For know which extension image has been used Right click on image and open them in new tab. You can see First three char like PNG, GIF. This is the extension that is image used to be.

I have tested my doc file and it’s work Smile


Last month I see post of some of pages that I like on Facebook. Because they have a lot of comment on single post  on FB they can’t check every comment. Now see what happen to them.

Few bad people who even don’t live in Same country and have a bad mentality start abusing it. Because both country are near so they can abuse in their local language that people can read.

The have 2 stupid thing about this.

You can comment by just type but if you want to report abuse then click click > this option > blah blah. This means you need to spent  minute(s)  for a single comment that is abusive.


When I report 2 comment that is abusive then I got silly response from Facebook. They write in response that they got no evidence in the comment I report.

Is this good ?

The people who abuse on Facebook write all their comment in abusive way (if you check their profile). the profile have fake image and there is nothing to say if all other thing are also fake.

If have nothing with this problem then why we use it.


Twitter bootstrap is a framework that I discussed earlier on my blog  How to get started with Twitter Bootstrap

now happy to say that it will be part of mvc 5. you will got default ready to go template done with bootstrap.

for read more about mvc 5 take a look at


If you have a site which is running on SSL and used content that make non-https request then you need to a bit worried.

The default setting of Firefox 23 will block the content that called on non-https address and page is based on SSL.

for example

script using will not work because can not be reach on https.

the cdn support SSL so you can try it.

if you want to disable this settings you can modify it on about:config


change the value true to false and it will be disable (it’s just for example)



Adblocker always block the images that start with “ads”. this means ads1.png,.jpg or gif have more tendency to be blocked by adblockers in Browser like Firefox and chrome. Recently Adblock plus come to Internet Explorer.


To solve this problem. Replace image name ads with Eds. It will never be blocked. This way you can prevent your banner on your website from being hidden.


Firefox team will remove the “disable JavaScript option” in Firefox. Don’t worry if you love this feature for testing. You can still disable the JavaScript through Web-developer plugin.


You can download it from