I was quite Excited to hear that I got a shipment come from Microsoft. I open it and this is the thing I got in my hand Smile. It's a shiny glass cube with writing etched in the middle of it..


Do you want to run something when you open your system. Here is a simple way to do this in Windows 8.

press Win + R and type “%appData%” then press Enter

You are now in Roaming folder.

Follow this folder “Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” in explorer.

Make a shortcut of apps you want to run and paste them on this folder.

This way you can run them automatically when you start your own system.

If you want to disable startup for any of executable you have set previously then you can use Task manager to disable them to no further run when you start your own PC. Look at the image below.



Few days ago I hear about Succinctly series that syncfusion made for us. You can check all these resources at The good thing about these books are they are freely available & it’s nicely written for beginners. 



For example if you look at “JavaScript Succinctly” then you found that their is all code is nicely written for anyone to easily understand. “JavaScript Succinctly” is only 143 pages book so this not make you  bore once you start reading the book.


If you have installed Github for Windows and still got trouble when you tried to running command on CMD then here is a sollution to trouble.


Open this C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_93e8418133eb85e81a81e5e19c272776524496c6\libexec\git-core in your windows explorer. Now copy this path.


Now go to Start –>  Edit environment variable > search the  System Variable “path” Edit the value. Add ; and the path you have just copied. Now you can run git commands on Cmd.

If you still have trouble that some DLL is missing then download Git from 

Now after installing this you can Follow to solve the issue for missing DLL.


Thanks  for read my post


Recently I hear about IE 10 launch for windows 7. It’s sound pretty good to me. I have check if this have something good for me as a designer’s prospective. I start checking the code that is break in Ie9 or old browser. I found this code still not work in IE10 for me . Same way code work without any issue in Firefox and Chrome perfectly.


So all I want is writing Custom CSS for IE browser. Unfortunately it will  not work In IE10. Microsoft have removed this feature in Ie10 see link1 link2 This means the code I have written for legacy support doesn’t work in Ie10.

This means this code will no longer work in IE10

<!–[if IE]> 
         <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/ie.css”> 


if you tried to use trick like jQuery.browser() then after jQuery 1.9 it’s no longer work too. see jQuery upgrade guide

script from

<!–[if !IE]><!–<script> 
if (/*@cc_on!@*/false) { 
    document.documentElement.className+=’ ie10′; 


Will not work. But you can use this code by remove comments and direct run the code without comments. Write above code this way.

if (/*@cc_on!@*/false) { 
    document.documentElement.className+=’ ie10′; 



Now you have class ie10 on your web-pages’s html tag. Now when you write Css you can write custom css for Ie10 this way. This will only work in Ie10


There is no need to add extra class .ie10 for Ie10. Because we need to run the ie.css in IE10 as what we do for earlier version. adding Ie.css dynamically is enough to solve this issue.

if (/*@cc_on!@*/false) { 
    var headHTML = document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].innerHTML; 
headHTML    += ‘<link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”assets/ie.css”>’; 
document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].innerHTML = headHTML; 


This code will add ie.css in Ie10. Cheers