How to install the multiple version of Firefox here i show you some great thing who can help you to setup fx multiple version in your own system.

you need to know that when you run the setup he just override the installed Firefox so you need to install the Fx in two different directories by making a custom installation.

plug-in incompatibility is a big trouble user found and a another things is that Firefox every time check for computable version when another version of Firefox you trying to run who not match which version of Firefox you run last time. for troubleshooting both kind of problem you need to setup profile for every version of Firefox.

for setting profile you need to run firefox.exe –P after closing all instance of Firefox. by running this you found the windows who help you to make new profile. in the windows you find a existing profile default who you currently have.

after making a profile you need to attach the profile with Firefox seprately then their is no problem come when two version of Firefox you run in your system. now i show you you how to attach the profile in Firefox

open the firefox shortcut properties and put their

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P "Firefox 4"

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" is a url of executable and -P "Firefox 4" is argument who run the Firefox in a profile we want to use. in this example i put  "Firefox 4" because profile name is Firefox 4.

using this trick we can use multiple version of Firefox with no problem of plug-in incompatible



In last days I Installed MVC 3 update in my PC. Today I got chance to take a look on MVC 3. I create a sample project and see a kind of problem “Nuget is not installed or out of date”.

For those people who have trouble like this. Go to tools > Extensions > uninstall the Nuget and installed the Nuget again.

Now it will work fine. This problem happen in VWD 2010 Express sp1.

For people’s information MVC3 come pre-installed in 2012 and then removed in 2013. Don’t worry MVC 3 project can still be run but have some kind of issue in Editor for editing Razor files. For people who want to upgrade use Nuget package to upgrade it to MVC 4. MVC4 can run within .net 4 as well as MVC 3.

Migration of MVC project to MVC 4 ?

How to migrate ASP.NET MVC 3 , MVC4 project to ASP.NET MVC5 ?

thanks Arun Mahendrakar to clear the name of nuget. i really not know that i misspelled it.


UPDATED 28 December 2013


In this post I am writing how to fix the MySql.Data.MySqlClient issue when server doesn’t make call to same library with same version that is used in development server.

Back in 2011 when we use Mysql I prefer simply to use .net connector. At the end of 2013 (december) I doesn’t like to use .net connector anymore. I personally hate it. In my another post I write it clearly  Don’t use MySQL .net connector, here is why ? Use nuget in Visual studio is best and easier option which doesn’t created problem like this I have in this post.

When you installed Mysql Connector and referenced the library you just referenced your project through library. Which doesn’t means your project have it. Your project just have reference to it.

When you deploy your project and server doesn’t have reference to same library it’s make a exception that version is not matching. Your server have another version which is different from the version which you currently installed on your development server.

For fix the issue go to

C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.3.6\Assemblies

Remember that 6.3.6 is the version that I have used back in 2011. Currently latest version available at but I prefer nuget which make thing much easier.

There are some folder in it. for example

  • v2.0
  • v4.0

Remember that V2.0 is for .net 2.0 and v4.0. As rules you already know that older version of .net app can’t use library that is come from new version of .net framework.

You can copy the dll from this folder to your own project and referenced them from it’s own bin folder. In we manage the bin folder for having library. Some library are we made ourselves and doesn’t serve from GAC. All these library are stored in root directory’s bin folder. When you copy the dll don’t try cut/paste do copy paste. This dll maybe referenced in your visual studio or some other programs call it (because .net connector registered that they have a new kind of connectivity that is Mysql (just like ODBC). you will got trouble if those dll will be removed from the folder when a call made from any other program to these dll.

Now when you deploy the project you doesn’t need to care about the version of mysql. Your project is not calling the library that it’s have itself. Using nuget you doesn’t need to care about installing a new connector by download and run. You can use Package for solution option in VS to update your mysql connector

Thanks for read my post Smile


When user trying to install MVC 3 using Microsoft Web Platform Installer they got the message that MVC 3 and some other component also installed successfully but whenever in the condition you trying to open WPI again that they show you a option for adding all those component who you installed last time that means that they not installed successfully or error not occurred in WPI but actually occurred.

So How i can install MVC 3 when i got error 1603 or whenever my system unable to run the setup or error occurred during the setup

you need to run WPI again choose the option MVC 3 and click on install you see a new windows and Executable location on the server. get the setup by download them or download the setup through Microsoft official website.

When you trying to run the setup off course they never success but here is a trick to install MVC 3 indirectly.

when you run the setup they give you error that setup did not succeed.  they show you a log open them in browser and found that they show you in bottom about 1603 error code who happened during MVC 3 installation. don’t close the setup just forget them.

Note:- if you close the setup all files located in your system temporary for  install MVC3 gone so don’t stop setup.

when error occurred without closing setup go to C:\temp and you find many executable their. now you need to run those setup to install on your system.

those setup included

ASP.NET MVC 3 : required to working MVC 3 in your system

ASP.NET MVC 3 for Visual studio tool : optional for those who have Visual studio in their system

ASP.NET MVC 3 for VWD tool :- optional for those who have Visual Web Developer in their system

ASP.NET WEB PAGE : required to working ASP.NET WEB PAGE  in your system

ASP.NET WEB PAGE for Visual studio tool : optional for those who have Visual studio in their system

ASP.NET WEB PAGE for VWD tool : optional for those who have Visual Web Developer in their system

Note: their is no problem if you run optional executable perhaps in future when you install VWD you never need to install MVC 3 again.

during the installation never run the Visual studio or VWD tools because they never tell you to close as well as you find message whenever you running MVC3 Executable. remember a little thing more that don’t run a executable who have a word KB in their name because this is a setup who you actually run. if you run them they not running and give you same error who you  got from Executable who we run firstly in this demonstration. if you run the setup they rollback Everything so be careful.

After that before closing the setup you we run firstly you can open Visual studio or VWD and found that’s now work. great now you can close the setup who give you message that “setup did not succeed ”. it’s really not succeed but now work in your system. 

well i show you a method to install MVC 3 alternatively. this is work whenever their is no other option to install them.


UPDATED 13 January 2013

This post is written at a time of Visual studio 2010.

In Visual studio When you compile your project You compile every project under the same solution. For make fast resolution you can compile only the project that you are working on now. Exclude the project from debug which you currently not working on.


Here is some great discussion on SO