In February I write a blog post on my blog . In post I write that I make my first online order with Flipkart.

In 2010 me and my friend (sit next to me) both didn’t know about anything. In that time we are just feeling like a child when I got our book delivered. 11






I posted here image of my first order. When our book get shipped to us. We just say “Wow”, Now we can bought books at discount without even going to store.  5 years gone. It’s a long time and I have tried Flipkart with no issues.


in End of March My family phone stopped working. It’s Nokia 220 and Nokia gonna charge us too much for a issues.  So I thing better to move on and let buy a Wonderful mobile so my mom can use Whatsapp and Facebook.

I can thing for Xiaomi but I can’t go for that, because Xiaomi support are problematic. They don’t even give update to Redmi 1s. Still run on Jelly Beans. When Micromax and motorola both update to  lollipop Xiaomi still sleeping.  Xiaomi even have sold million of devices but that is cheap and no quality at all even they are wonderful at specification.


So I finally end up buying Motorola E 2nd gen. Because I have use flipkart from a long time I suddenly not need to worry about anything. Flipkart ship my product to my door at starting of this week.

When I get call I am happy that phone is delivered. My happiness gone when I hear it’s have Socks and belts. #WTH is this. Now I get disturb for this on my work.  Call the flipkart and talk. They told me they will help me in next 24 hours. Nothing happen.


After 2-3 days on 10 April I get a mail that they are sending phone now. Now I even can’t trust him because what if this happen same as last time. 12







According to this thing I see on Flipkart It’s look like they are sending me the phone. Let’s wait and watch. What will happen.


For all my friends who live in India “Be careful when you buy something”. Most of companies loose their quality and standard day by day.

Last time when I was reading Flipart’s review I see a person that say he get something else instead of phone. I don’t understand what is it. Doesn’t  they do double-check the product. This kind of issues make customer cry. Because He/She already have spent 10 days and This will take more time. I make the order on 2 April and now I will get the product delivered at 23 April. 21 Days for shipping with trouble + drama and Happiness gone.


Happy Shopping, Be Careful. This can happen to anyone. Smile

Finding a good Music streaming is really so hard. Today I play guvera and thing to let use it for future. Now See what it happen to me.


First I tried to pay it doesn’t work. I tell the support and it telling me that give us error so we look into it. It’s error 25004 Payment failed.


It’s working on other site but not in Guvera. I thing it’s hourly issues and it’s maybe has fixed now. I tried to payment again and they charge me 1447.39 (49.91 29 times on same date). the phone that is registered continuously ping by the notification.


I see nothing has been changed in my account. My account is still free. Now I have contact their support by email. I got no answer. Maybe They don’t send mail after 4 PM.

I will update this when I get update back from Guvera. Right now Let’s see what happened.














Here is the screenshot to show what happened with my account.

From a long time I am searching for a app which help me to listen the songs. In 2009 I have known a  website called ( which allow me to listen songs through their site.

it work good. Just play artist and it will play similar kind of songs to you. It work good and I am happy. It’s free of cost solution at that time. If you search for songs and play that by going to that site it will work good as usual.

From last few months ( I read on Reddit that I can play in my android). Yeah it’s work good but you can’t get premium account since you are not in USA and spotify not work in India.


Hence I need a solution that will work in India. I choose First I hope it’s have everything that I need to play. Now learn the lesson.


I bought a subscription on 25 Feb 15. Search some Spanish singer and start paying it. This is the first mistake I do. I need to first check there service for weeks or a month at-least.  First it’s force me to update Google play service so I do and login it. After pay it’s not  updating even I close it open it. After logout and login again they take my login and it’s now working.


Everything that I want to listen is not there. Hindi songs is there which I don’t want to listen. One of the good part of Spotify premium (which I have had earlier) is If Spotify don’t have your songs (which sometime happen) You can upload them and it will shown in your spotify.  So if you have a big collection already just import it easily. Nothing in gaaana have that feature.  Gaana doesn’t recognize the songs from your CARD.

When I download the songs it’s download somewhere which doesn’t recognize when I flash another ROM. This means All Download I make is going wasted.  Rdio and Spotify both recognize the download if you have installed it and just login and everything that you download earlier will work. Gaana app make you download everything again (So it’s totally about Bandwidth wasting).


So When I search a songs and click on download and go to home and play I say it’s totally irrelevant app. Everything I download is not the song which I want to hear.

For example you search for

Madonna’s songs and it will show you the result and you clicked download by seeing that Madonna is print after the songs. It’s simply crap thing. When I play my songs I see that it’s just a remix crap with a nonsense music in background.


So When you search for something crap remix show on top even they don’t have any label text to show you that it’s not original (in Rdio it’s called Remix or korako to make complete clearance to user that what they going to play). So All I get is wasting my time.

Now I need to check first by playing it then click on download.  This is a issues I have with this app.


The songs here is too censored. I play song songs (for Example Lily Allen) it’s play the songs by cut explicit word.  When I use Rdio (now work in India) it’s have full songs and gaana have all songs censored which make a songs useless.  They cut too much part from the songs. Now anyone who listen it sometime feel there speaker stop working but it’s not. The gaana have songs that are not full.


Some other issues are for example Amy macdonalds singer there have too many pages. (Even person are one) So there is no proper way to listing.


in 4.7 inch device The seek button is up to the play button. When I seek to the middle of songs it’s start playing from beginning. in Rdio and Spotify this not happen but in Gaana it’s happen.


They don’t have medwyn goodall and many other singer who work on Indian music. They called itself Indian and have zero songs for spiritual.

A company from USA can give songs from India but a company from India can’t give me songs from other country. So Why I pay this company same money which help me to get better if I pay to someone else.


UI is not polished, Collection are useless. And there are many other issues. They don’t have there collection maintained in a well formed. Many feature in there app is missing.


I contact them for refund but I got no response. You can’t tell him about issues because they are never gonna fix it.

When I see there ads everytime I go out in metro I thing this app have something good, But it’s another piece of crappy app (that even don’t have there windows phone app)


When I logged-in to this app I see that 2 people follow me and I follow 2 people. I never use this app before Why I follow my 2 friend and how they can follow me. This app do cheating with Facebook. They your friend into your followers and you follow them even you don’t do that. So Follow me Follow you is automated game to fool people. Hey this profile have follow 100 people in actually he/she never listen even listen 100 songs.


Another stupid thing from there support I hear is

“Hi Anirudha, we see that your offline playcount is 1108”

Can someone tell me how it can be possible ?

I am the only one who use this app. I play songs mostly in morning and in the night. In one hour how many songs I can listen.

Let’s do some mathematics.


4 days of Feb + 2 day of March = 6 days.

suppose I listen 2 hours every day it’s equal to 6* 2 = 12 hours.  If a common songs is 3 minutes long  than there is 20 songs per hours.

20 * 12 = 120 songs. OK it can be 150, 180 but they told me it’s 1108. Maybe there site have wrong calculation idea or they are doing some kind of algorithm too stupidly.

So Guys, Be careful Don’t pay to this crap app. You better go with Rdio (Which cost 20 INR More but you will found it totally useful when you compare to this crap app, For me I can use Rdio app but not this crappy app because they don’t have songs from other countries except India).



To confirm , before I write this post I send some mail but they don’t reply. There twitter reply because They show some kind of sense as they are trying to help when in actual they are just runing other’s music experience .

Every time I see a new brand coming to India, I see some hope in it. Trust me most of them are working too good. Xiaomi maybe will become in future but it’s crap as the date of today.

This company stealing the data of people as other brands. As previously state of many other people’s most of software are stealing data.

There is a fact that even If you found location of a user You can use it for make money. This company fraudly take Data.

Now let me show you how.


1. When you buy this phone you are automatically entered in their user experience program. That simply means they can cheat you at your data anytime in future.  When I installed it I see everything and uncheck their User experience program. OK so I am not interested in their crappy user experience program. Since they are Chinese I even can’t trust them.


So First issues is they add people in their user experience program even nobody want (I am sure nobody will be do that because many of us have too much private data). They enable the data-plan so user (who don’t have data-plan try to complete the submit form fast so he will not seen that you have been added to their list which they can cheat easily).


2. Some Government official clarify that they are stealing the data. Now they are telling people that their data-server in India. What does it means ?, Does that many difference. So having a server in India or somewhere doesn’t means that my data are safe.


If you have enabled the Cloud feature they are sending SMS. I don’t know Which idiot design this process. Why Xiaomi send the SMS behalf of me to their own server. This doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t want it. If I enable other cloud sync (from other companies) nobody is sending SMS behalf of me. Even What’s app send me sms before telling me But this crap OS called MIUI doesn’t do anything.


3. This company make their own app which maybe good but Their app have bugs that nobody is looking to going fix.  For me If I play the songs and move next and press delete it doesn’t delete the 2nd songs it’s deleted the first songs. I have myself reproduce this bug 10 times from the date I have installled their pre-installed ROM.  Weather app doesn’t show me the weather for Noida. I don’t know if they don’t know about About Metro city of India but they are foolish at design everything. They statically put the location at weather app. These crappy app are removed from a person who make their rom without crap app.

It doesn’t  sound funny since I can’t remove it. Why I need this crappy app. I have Google that tell me most of thing very clearly. So have their crappy app even You don’t want to use it.


4. No update. Some guys from their official told to people that they will release a ROM end of December. Now they extend it to March (Late march) actually. I wonder if they tell me that I need to wait more.


When I tell this to other people They told me it’s not there flagship product (Flagship product are MI 3 and MI4) so I can’t get the update very soon. They told to release something but they extend it to whenever they can do possibly.


5. Every brand (no matter too good or just good) have a reputation. But on There forum some people react like a dog (or maybe they are just human run bot ) to stop people to about the late update.  I am not talking about late update. Most of them do and they stop it. If you try to see that just check the feedly source of there forum. Administrator remove most of them are archive (whatever it’s called on there forum). So forum and site is ruined by their own bot or people who managed it.


6. The company provide new ROM for other brand but not for their own. Do you thing same from any other company. Google force me to use Google chrome If I want to use Does they force me to not use Chrome and go away to firefox when they have their own software. This absolutely dramatic condition has been made by Xiaomi.


7. I want to use Mokee rom because it’s not laggy as their MIUI. Miui run superslow. I didn’t get the point what company are trying to do. Is their motive are just give me a OS that steal my data. I would better go with Cyanogenmod but speaker have issues. Speaker is not loud. This is the only reason I stay with their OS.


Well the speaker quality is not good either but it’s loud so I can play songs when I work and want to hear some songs loudly.


If you read that what they have done with the people who broke their own mobile it’s not satisfactory either. My handset is hardly used. I just use it for make very few call and most of time it’s only helpful to play music.


Today Micromax release Android L for canvas.  Motorola have updated there rom for MOTO E (same cost of Redmi 1s) But XIAOMI is still sleeping somewhere and didn’t even launched Kitkat for Redmi 1s.


Same time Micromax now come with Cyanogenmod OS which you know automatically will be updated to latest thing even for android. But MIUI which is older, Buggier, slower are still problematic.

Now is there anything that I want to tell.


In my OS I can’t use External card and internal memory separately. OS mixup both. So If I installed Nokia Here map and it previously exist on ROM doesn’t means I can use it now. All data are useless for me. Same way If you have some usable app their data stored in EXternal SD are now totally useless.


If you clearly check then you will be found that This Phone I am talking about is just cheap piece of mobile. Better option will be come soon. Maybe their screen or camera are lower (but better quality) But they are not have monopoly like this one.

I am not actually satisfied with this OS. This is crappy OS I even seen. I can’t use the things that is for vanilla OS. it’s not Rooted ( I rooted and do many thing by reading the forum) which can be easily done on other kind of android.


8. Useless settings :- If I opened the vanilla os I can change the settings in just few minute (just 5-6 minute)  I can set everything that I need to set (personalization) but this crappy OS rewrite everything. I can’t  use it properly. I didn’t know what (idiot) the programmer want to do or show after rewrite the settings UI.


So things that run faster and UI is very common now going harder for me.


9. When I told the people I want to use Spanish nobody answered. Now I got my answer that why they don’t support it . I read some word that is shown wrongs in my whatsapp. I am not sure that my message (status) are going correctly to other but it’s not show me correctly so I am not sure about for myself how I can sure about other people.



10. I heartily request the developer of that crappy rom that give me a option to use the rom that I want. Give me something so it can produce the sound as large as MIUI. I know there is no magic recipe that you have used that can’t be used in other. At-least I want to stay with Cyanogenmod and other rom but this crappy rom have loud sound that’s all the reason I stay with it.

I thing I have count enough good reason for people who really can understand the logic I putted here on this post. Remember one thing always when you read newspaper and anything (sound like news) Everything can be fake. Any site who show something as good sometime is terrible. Most of people show you thing too good but in usability it’s fake. I write about fake thing in my last article where I clearly define what fake means here in India. This MIUI os with good hardware is make this product totally slow (superslow) and buggy.


If you have any idea about my review tell me what you thing. I just start hating this Software called MIUI with this post. The hardware work good but it’s become terrible because they write this crappy OS.


Happy coding  Smile

From last 4 year I can see a lot of growth in E-commerce. Story begin from the day when one of my friend told me to check on internet if there is something we can bought online.  At that time there is only 2 seller (in 2010) the one is and second is At that time none of anyone as now sell anything except Books (paperback,Hardcover).

It’s look quite impressive to both of us. We bought a book. We choose Flipkart and pay him 150 INR for 2 books. Because Order was 150 we got free shipping. I don’t have anything to pay directly online so I choose CASH ON delivery. When we see books delivered to our workplace it’s look awesome. We say to other people “See we bought books online”. It’s quite better than buying it from other place.

Same time I look at other website which is actually the website of bookstore that is offline store actually. They charge the customer (Book Cost + Shipping cost). It’s not looking good. Day by day there business fade away. The bookstore model and bookstore are still available but you can’t save any cost.


Last time I go to a bookstore and many people come and tell the other people “Is half girlfriend available ?”. The people who work in that store tell everyone “No”.  So going to bookstore is hard than just search it online. Now thing are getting much easier.

But even E-commerce grow a lot, there is too many thing that people have fake. Now let’s check.


Harman alleges sale of fake JBL brand on ShopClues

Microsoft sues Indian company over technical support scam

Many Online site sell Nokia Battery that is fake (not sealed). People buy it and that not work longer. The battery backup give hardly 2-3 hours.

Microsoft sues Indian company over technical support scam

As this product & services Are fake &  not genuine, it’s doesn’t matter how much you pay (or less). All your money goes in pocket of bad people or not the one who actually made the service. The thing you buy (and pay more just because of name and brand) will not work longer since it’s not genuine.

If you thing to get help by social don’t even thing for that :- As you can see Flipkart have a lot of comment that is totally irrelevant to the product and they still not remove it from site. Some people told too much and sometime they consider 5 star to the product when they just use another one. Sometime brand’s value included to the product which have no value.

Many people feel same thing many time. Even before product goes handed over to hundred of people after release in public offline market and online it’s get thousands of review (People review the product by just seeing it).

So this kind of thing sometime make problem to new people who just trust on product which have no value.


Recently I bought a product F&D E200 from Amazon. I bought it when I see 649 INR Only (when it’s cost goes down).

After my buying on 20 JAN it’s never shipped. I thing it’s just because of our republic day but it’s not. Today I see a long written mail from Amazon and they describe there blah blah and cancel my order and refund me.


Wait…. #WTH is this. If you really don’t want to send me say it clearly. I wasted my 11+2 = 13 days total to just waste for a wait on a product that I will never be received.

So Making Fake value, identity and product is never tough. The seller “Saholic” who I just buy from my speaker is actually have a lot of bad review at the date I looking his profile. So there is very hard to trust a seller who doesn’t have any good reputation.


So Beware of These #things. Indian cyber crime have rise up to 40% in 2014.

India logs 40 per cent annual increase in cyber crime cases

Be careful before buy anything. Some people pay for IPhone 6 and received stone actually. You can’t proof anything if you don’t open it just in front of the person who deliver it to you.

Try to use and to check the price alert.

Never pay attention to the comments and old review on the e-commerce site. Anyone can fake it, seller and site itself. TRY COD (CASH ON DELIVERY) more than CC/DC. and open it on the front of delivery guys. If you found anything suspicious call the support at same time.

If you got no response from the site you buy anything Ii next 24 hour of time of buying just cancel your order. It’s simply means you money have no value to the seller.

online buying is still on #oldage. I hope it’s goes better time by time. Till then we careful, The world is full of bad guys so be careful to not give money to bad guys and buy something that is fake. I didn’t get any experience to buy anything but there is bunch of people who got in trouble like FAKE things. Be careful


Happy shopping and coding Smile


2 Year ago I write a post here to give my view on Mysql and it’s nuget packages


Nuget package is much better way to fix the dll. Just type the command in console and reference has been added to your C# project very easily. You don’t need to do anything to update it every time.

Visual studio make this process easier.


From last few days I got a trouble. When I share with my code with other it’s not work on another machine which have Mysql Connector installed on the system.

Everytime I take there code and compiled on my machine and give them back it’s not working there. Nuget installed the nuget packages again and it’s use nuget packages reference there and it’s installed on there machine which make trouble on c# to run them.


The code will be compiled, Warning will be shown in Error in visual studio. But because Connector have a DLL installed in GAC it will make issues that “not matched“.

Now to fix this issues try this trick.


Open the csproj file of your project. Search for mysql


replace it with this code, Previously it’s referenced from packages folder, Now if you are making reference from bin folder it will work.


<Reference Include="MySql.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c5687fc88969c44d, processorArchitecture=MSIL">

projname is your own projectname. Now it’s called the dll from your bin. Change the path according to your project location.

Now open the packages.config and where it’s stored the packages settings. Now remove the mysql reference from there but cut the line that have mysql.

If you have attached many project to your project do same on that too if they have mysql too.


Now it fixed. Now VS will not download the dll from Nuget again and again. Now they are calling it from Bin folder.


Yahooooooo. Now Nuget can’t burn my minutes to just fix them again and again.


Happy Coding Smile

On error page you will see something like this


On error page you will see something like this

LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319/Temporary ASP.NET Files/


Open this folder, replace every / to \  because Windows understand the folder different way. Delete everything and compile again. For me it’s working.


If you still found this trouble try to update packages from this answer


Happy Coding Smile

As a ASP.NET Developer when a C# developer meet another kind of developer (Ruby, PHP and anything else) than first thing we hate is

He can choose any kind of IDE. He can use PHP in Sublime text and sublime text code are able to debug the PHP code. Many kind of gap between us and these people will be filled by Microsoft in upcoming years.

Now we can write code in Sublime text that is about C# language. It’s not awesome as VS IDE experience.


In 2014 I don’t add too many bugs to , I thing that place need to be retired. That sound old thing that need more polish to get it worked.

Many bugs that I posted in 2014 has been closed without any message. When I say how, Got response that it’s has been fixed.

So a bug that has been opened from 15, 30 days suddenly closed and got hear nothing before getting it closed. this kind of thing threat to the person who continuously find a bug that can improve the stability of software and found a various kind of changes that improve workflow.


The Open-source software Like Firefox and other take bugs seriously. For Example Posting bugs to Firefox is better than for Visual studio. At-least dozen of people come and respond me that is not work directly for Mozilla but on I feel like I have gone to government place where nobody care or care less seriously.

when Microsoft is releasing Community edition of Visual studio 2013 I thing to write a post here to mention that Visual studio express missing many features that should be available to a web-developer that is using Express version of Visual studio. They release it and I want to say “Thanks you for that”.


In last year Microsoft open-source the .net Framework. If I thing clearly I didn’t get enough time to play with stuff released in 2014. What I hope is getting more active in community for ASP.NET MVC programming.


In last days I hear that Microsoft going to going to kill IE. I have no wonder because IE  is a software that mostly wastage of Time for web-developer. I hear from people who got there project late just because IE.

2 year ago I write this post and got too much traffic for just one thing that is broken in IE.


IE has 2 impact on web-developer’s life. One is they make money because of IE, This is skill that you can troubleshoot IE or not, secondly it’s bad when it’s make website not running in good way.


Forget it, I hope Microsoft will fix this trouble better.

2 year ago I bought Windows 8 phone Lumia 520 and it’s not running good as I expect. The hardware is good but software is crap. Yes, I hate it for many thing. I recently read on some blog that in future I can run android app in Windows phone. If it’s gone done it’s can be very good for Windows phone platform. has done it already for Windows OS. if it’s come to Windows phone platform it will be best.


Few days ago Github has been blocked in India for they have ISIS content. Now Government has unblock the site.  These thing will make no impact because If site is genuine then more people will come to protest.


I read all over the internet that in future everything will become packages. The .net framework for Desktop programming will be different than the one who are used for web-programming. That thing sound cool.


Another cool thing will be Spartan that Is New Browser from Microsoft according to news over the internet. Let’s see how people take bugs in Spartan. As me I always ready to found bugs in everything (any kind of apps). It’s may doesn’t sound cool but help to make a software better.

So Maybe VS15 and Win10 will launch this year (if it’s not going late). As everything has been disclosed on internet nothing make any exclamation to people because everyone know earlier something about that.


So only thing I need to focus in 2015 is ASP.NET programming to learn something better and be more productive. Yeah since VS community 2015 will be free ,I  can fill more bugs to This is my fantasy with Microsoft and I enjoy it.

I hope this year will be wonderful to everyone.

Happy coding year 2015.

Wish you a very happy new year,

Don’t worry, I know today is 2015- Jan 3 and I am late. np Smile

Google mail and Outlook is two most used software for reading emails. From last few days I got a problem.


The problem is the size of content is bigger than my screen. The problem can be fixed just by remove the right bar in Outlook and Google mail both.


Now how to fix it.


Install this plugin


This plugin will help us to achieve this goal now.


You can simply inspect everything that you want to hide.


For Outlook I do

width: 1160px;


and for Google mail I do




Both hide the right panel and now I can read my mail without using scroller  to left and right.


For the Url option you need to set Urls on Domain

and For gmail it must be like this


You can try this trick on many site to improve the readability. This tricks help us to be productive.


Disclaimer : Please don’t block the ads on Internet. Ads run the internet. The trick I show here is just for save time and being productive.


Hope this help Smile