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I send the mail to Scott hanselman and got referred to this answer on If you guys have same trouble then visit this answer

Few months ago I got my Visual studio express got running Web-essentials 2013 extension. I find it awesome for me since I do most of my work related to web-programming.


Now there is a good news from Microsoft that they have a new thing for us called “Community edition”.


The good thing in it is it is able to run extension that is same available to paid version like professional, premium and ultimate.


I didn’t have tried it so can’t say too much but look here

it’s look too interesting.


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Last year I bought Nokia Lumia 520 and it’s not going too good. I have discussed it earlier on my blog . I end up gave my phone to someone else. Even 8.1 is out The cortana is not out here in India. I didn’t sure what kind of crap Microsoft and nokia both together make.


Nokia 220 have a lot of issues for a common user. This is worst interface ,hardware, software available at the price of 2600 INR (that is the cost of the phone).


Nokia 220 have a lot of issue.


1. Cost too much, On same cost I can got a basic smartphone from Micromax and Karbonn. karbonn phone have better battery backup then this Nokia 220 crap.

I need to recharge my phone every 1-2 day. My low cost karbonn need recharge on every Saturday.

2. This phone is even doesn’t support .m4a music play (nor it convert if it not supported it as I Nokia asha 311 does in past).

OK, I thing any small phone have music playback feature. I didn’t found anything that can be easily handled. I try to play my m4a collection but it doesn’t work . it’s only take .mp3.


3. You can’t edit the contact. This phone have Facebook that you can use through mobile Data from your SIM.

When I click on contact there is a option to Add, Delete but where is EDIT. I can copy to SIM but contact never can list from SIM.

The best thing to maintain contact is save them in SIM and time by time when you put your SIM in Datacard you can backup them in your data-card memory. I found it useful but this phone is not list any contact from SIM. I need to copy it to phone. IF you make copy from Phone to SIM it will duplicate the number with then name end with 1,2, 3.


4. A totally piece of CRAP. ( I found nothing useful in this phone). The time of Nokia has been fade-away.


Since Xiomi, Asus and many other brand come out their in India, I didn’t recommended crap like nokia to anyone.

Last week Microsoft kill Nokia X series (Android). I am very sure about this news since they have their own OS Windows 8.

In windows phone 8 (Even after 8.1) You can’t seek the mp3 file when you run mp3 file on the phone . This kind of crap can be only seen with Microsoft and it’s own nokia phone. They didn’t have YouTube either.


Bye Bye Nokia (AKA Microsoft Mobile), I will never going to buy any other phone from you again. Now we have better option.

If you want to call a extension method from a c# library when you are working on views then here in this post I am showing you how you can do it.


just go to views and open the web.config file. (do all these step in VWD or VS 13 whatever you use for work)

inside the tag of  system.web.webPages.razor you will find the tag  namespaces which contain too many namespace which shown in intellisense when you work in Views inside your Visual studio.


now  add line like this

  <add namespace="MyCustomDll" />

MyCustomDll is a namespace that came from library that I want to use in my views. Now whenever  I am working in views I can see the extension method in views.



As chrome Firefox now have sync feature to get sync everything they like to have for future. This will help user to get the settings back in their hands by login.

This post will be fixed soon.

CNET Is one of the worst service ever. Today when I installed the software through it because that software is not available anywhere. I installed it.


After the installer open I run it there is no option that tell me that it install it anything on my PC. Maybe this design very cheaply to enter a spyware in someone’s computer.


It’s install 2 spyware. First it’s download the EXE (which is correct as it should) then I close it. This is not closed. He still downloading the 2 spyware in my PC.


Then suddenly my Chrome crash. I amazed because I rarely got any crash. I never doing any experiments so what happen. Now After restart the chrome I restart the chrome. I am 100% sure something going wrong in my PC. I check the extensions in Chrome, Now It’s have a extension that I never have installed in my chrome.


Suddenly another crash happen. Because 2nd crash I disabled that extension now I got another extension in my Chrome. I really don’t want these 2 extension without any reason. Now I disable it too. I finally check my Task manager and delete that exe (which cnet used to install something on my PC).


Remember that CNET installing the CRAP spyware in your PC for Freeware which is freely available to user.


The same thing also happen with my one of project. A site on internet make installer of my repository and distribute it on their own site. after run that kind of  setup it’s install the spyware.

Beware of site like this. CNET and many other install the spyware and that’s how they work.


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I write about Mac theme earlier Mac theme for Firefox on my blog. The problem is it is not updated from a long time. Today 2.0.1 version come. for people who want to try it can installed it from

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Recently I am trying to open a MVC 3 project which is made at time of VWD 2010. When I opened this I see this kind of project doesn’t work anymore in my VS. I got a problem that project is unable to migrate. On same time I open it in webmatrix 3 as site and it’s work fine.

So how to fix it.

Make a new project somewhere else with same name. now copy the csproj and sln file to the project folder which contain your real project. Remember that VS 13 doesn’t made the project for MVC3. You can make MVC4 project. This will changed nothing in configuration of our MVC3 project. our MVC 3 project will be remaining based on MVC3 .net 4.

I have 2 sln file in my project which I generate now in VS 2013. Which one I need to copy ?

Copy the sln file which is inside the project folder. Where your sibling folder is Models, Controllers. Copy the sln,.csproj file from the folder which contain the Models, Controllers folder.

Now compiling will not work. Actually your csproj record the footprint of files that is included or not included (if you compile the project after exclude some classed then compiled dll will not have excluded class, it’s even doesn’t generate exception if your exclude class have some code issues).

For fix it. Select everything in your solution explorer except the references. Now you need to exclude everything. Include all thing again and see it’s working now. Note in this trick you changed nothing in your Visual studio project but it’s make our project worked again.

Happy coding,

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In Initial release of Visual studio 2013 has been dropped. If your VS doesn’t take your MVC3 application and show you the error something like “Project not supported.” then this post will help you.

Create a new project with same namespace and copy the .sln and .csproj file into your project (that we discussed earlier).

Now Exclude all file and include all file once again. This will make entry for every file in .csproj or sln file (Visual studio remember every include file through these files). 


When I able to run my project I got a new kind of error that Invalid term ‘:’. I correctly check the code and it doesn’t show me anything. After a lot of check I finally migrate it to MVC 4. After doing up-gradation to MVC 4 my code working fine. If you have problem with your Razor code then upgrade your project to MVC 4 and it will work fine for you Smile

If you have links for any Blog post or article that helpful for MVC 3 problem fix you can comment it here.

In ASP.NET MVC We use Views and it’s help us to return a web-page back to browser. After Execution the Views we still have control on our response until Response.End() has called from ASP.NET itself.

In we use ViewBag and ViewData to pass the data. TempData is also can be used which is based on session and stay alive until second view has been returned.

For divining the complexity We use Partials to divide the whole page into many partials. For example.

Using this way your partial have also data passed from their own PartialViewResult in Controller itself. You can call them something like this


Using given way we doesn’t need to care about passing viewdata to every partial. Remember that If controller is inherited from another class which have some ActionFilter attribute then they will also called in this implementation.

If your current action have data for the partial which you don’t want to retrieve again from database then you can also call it by pass then to partial directly from current View. For example look at this code.

@Html.Partial("~/Views/Home/Partial1.cshtml", new ViewDataDictionary { { "test", "test" } })

I pass the string “Test” in other case you call also pass the viewdata. for example ViewData.test .


Another way to divide the complexity is make a new custom class which contain all these information as property. For example

In this post I shown you 2 way to use partials to divide complexity.

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