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  • AndyMorrison33 A couple of tips I just picked up about early morning grilling: 1) do not get distracted by twitter 2) do not drop pork chop on deck about 941 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 Spent some time looking at the eclipse process framework this morning. Seems interesting but I need to spend some more time digesting it about 948 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 Trying to psych myself up for bi-weekly time tracking. It isn't working. about 948 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 Making yet another camping supply list. Too bad I can't find the other ones I've made. about 957 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 I'm pretty sure that wearing a t-shirt that advertises bail bonds is not good for your image. about 968 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 Logged into facebook for the first time in months to stop email notifications. facebook sent me a welcome back email. #irony #lame about 1026 days ago
  • AndyMorrison33 Just sat down to start a four hour meeting. Help! about 1032 days ago


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Camtasia Studio
Have you heard about this tool? This is a capture tool that records your actions as you perform them on your workstation, remote desktop, etc. It's made by the same company that makes SnagIt, etc. I have used this at several customers to record our install and configurations of BizTalk and more - this can come in very handy to help reduce differences in environments (because you can go back and review exactly what you did in the previous environment) as well ......

Posted On Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:16 AM

Service Virtualization with the Microsoft Managed Services Engine
I presented at the Twin Cities Connected Systems User Group last night on the Managed Services Engine. You can get the presentation here. The Managed Services Engine is a CTP technology that acts as a service intermediary. It helps abstract consumers form the services that they call, performing things such as xslt mapping, protocol switching, version mapping and service stubbing (useful for testing unhappy service respone paths as well as development of the consumer before the service is really ready.) ......

Posted On Friday, May 22, 2009 3:49 PM

Twin Cities Code Camp - Spring 2007

The second Twin Cities Code Camp will occur this Saturday, April 28th.  Here's the website, which includes a schedule and list of sessions:

I'll be presenting on utilizing BizTalk's BAM features from non-BizTalk applications.

Posted On Monday, April 23, 2007 2:37 PM

Document Explorer 2005 is installed from...?
Did I miss something or is the answer to this question harder to track down than it should be? As documented in the 'BizTalk Server 2006 Installation Guide - Multiserver.doc', Document Explorer 2005 is a dependency for the BizTalk 2006 documentation. So the operations team on my current engagement asks me where it comes from... and I respond that that is a good question and that I'll have an answer for them in a couple of minutes. After a few tens of minutes I've inferred that it is part of the Visual ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 26, 2006 1:40 PM

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