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What is FitNesse?

Fitnesse is a tool that, if used wisely (big assumption), can turn requirements into functional tests.

Examples can elaborate requirements. Examples can become tests. Tests can verify requirements.

I'm not going to elaborate on the pro's and contra's of FitNesse. Others have done that before me.

Installing the server

imageSetting up FitNesse is a piece of cake. You just need to know the steps.

First of all, go download fitnesse. Extract the downloaded content to a directory of your choosing. We'll call this the "fit directory" from now on.

Go and download the .net 2.0 testrunner. Extract this content to a new subdirectory called "dotnet2" under the fit directory. The fit directory should now look like the image to the right.

Preparing the server

Since all of us are running IIS on port 80, FitNesse wont run on it. You will have to edit run.bat, and add the port number to it.

We run on port 8888. To do this, you need to edit "run.bat" like this

java -cp fitnesse.jar fitnesse.FitNesse %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 –p 8888

When you run 'run.bat', you have your server up and running. Just go to http://localhost:8888 and go "Ooooh...".

Next step is editing the base markup variables. Go to http://localhost:8888/?edit and add the following lines to the page.

!path dotnet2\*.dll

!define COMMAND_PATTERN {%m %p}
!define TEST_RUNNER {dotnet2\FitServer.exe}
!define PATH_SEPARATOR {;}

This declares some specifics for running .net tests, as well as pointing to the .net 2.0 test runner we downloaded separately.

That's it for the moment. Next will be the tests.

External links:

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