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Ok, now I'm certain the creationists and intelligent design guys are dead wrong. Darwin was right all along (or maybe it's the pastafarians, but that's another topic). I experienced the living proof today that mankind has just spawned a new superior race that is going to dominate us all: The Boodhoo!

The Boodhoo lives amongst us. He look like us. Breathes and eats like us. But he's different. The astute observer will be able to recognize him based on the following list of observations:

  • He is always in a good mood.
  • He never complains.
  • He doesn't like mice. He prefers some strange kind of wave-shaped keyboard.
  • He has an amazing multitasking capability. Teaching, typing and thinking while hitting these amazing C#7sus4 chords on his keyboard for a combination of ReSharper and GVIM.
  • He can survive for days without rebooting. We call it going to sleep.
  • He tries to remove all dependencies.
  • He's always checking if he's recording. Guess the dependency on camtasia has not been removed yet.

This has been the third day of our Nothin' but .net bootcamp, and I'm beat.

Implementing the front controller further

The day started with a pair programming session trying to implement a few basic screens with our front controller. You might wonder why we're bothering writing yet another front controller. After all, there's Castle MonoRail and MVC. We're not trying to replace them, we're building this stuff to get a grip on more fundamental concepts we're applying during these sessions. It sure beats having to write yet another "Customer-Order-OrderLine-Product" CRUD application.

In the morning and the first part  of the afternoon, we just concentrated on making the first few pages work. Then making the first few pages work well. Then making the first few pages work very well. Building our app like this really helps to understand the small design decisions being made each step of the way.

Implementing a simple IoC container

Up until now, we used dependency injection extensively. Now is the time to start thinking about an IoC container. Since we have a Boodhoo amongst us, we create our own. Same idea here:

Use a tool knowing you could have achieved the same result without it.

We set off pair programming again to give it our best shot. JP walked around checking our progress. After a while everyone had a basic implementation running.

This is where JP revealed his real Boodhooness. Everyone sat there open mouthed while the master showed us a few of his basic Jedi tricks to improve our ideas. I'm sure glad he was recording that part.

We ended at about 23:30. "Sleep well, because tomorrow will be a long day" he says. Wait a minute... today wasn't long? Monday 22:00. Tuesday 23:00. Today 23:30-ish.  Tomorrow: long!

And historically, the last day is the longest. Err... shouldn't we use a superlative for 'longest' in this case?

Jean-Paul, if you're reading this: when I die, I want to come back as you.

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# re: Nothin' but .net: day 3
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Make sure you'll make it back alive! You'll have to spread the good word at the next Dutch ALT.NET gathering ;-).
Left by Jan Van Ryswyck on Sep 25, 2008 9:40 AM

# re: Nothin' but .net: day 3
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oh boy. u r so right. i am sitting here next to you with jp and he IS amazing.
i really hope i will take another course in future.

but for now i have to survive this...

keep on moving guys!

so long basti
Left by basti on Sep 25, 2008 10:07 AM

# re: Nothin' but .net: day 3
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"Jean-Paul, if you're reading this: when I die, I want to come back as you."

LOL! I'm thinking of taking JPs class in Novemeber. I've already made a request to or manager. Hopefully she'll approve it.

Keep on blogging about the goodness of the Nothing but .Net course. It's making me want to come to his class as soon as possible.

Left by Keith Rull on Sep 25, 2008 11:55 PM

# re: Nothin' but .net: day 3
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I am a little envious... ok REALLY, REALLY envious. You lucky, lucky guy! Enjoy days 4 and 5.
Left by mo on Aug 24, 2012 1:23 AM

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