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It is now past 10:00 PM, and my first day of Nothin but .net is over.

It's been a very intense day. Jean-Paul Boodhoo is taking us off the beaten paths of MSDN style development, and tries to stretch our minds to think out of the box.

First, we spent quite a while verifying the prep exercises. A good effort was made by everyone to finish it. The solution that got selected as the starting point for our source repository was the design that adhered best to the open/closed principle. This design used the Specification pattern extensively to enhance both readability and extensibility.

From there on, we were taken on a code spree to enhance the basic design. Lots of refactorings using ISpecification, IComparable, extension methods and such to make both tests and code human readable.

After lunch, we started setting up the source control (subversion) for our main application for the week. Setting up the local build with local configuration specific for every PC.

A basic logging infrastructure was setup, using AAA style TDD, which is a whole topic of itself.

All in all, this has been a fun day, but right now I'm tired. I think I'm going to sleep well ;-)

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