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I never learned to type properly. To me, a keyboard always was a straightforward tool I used everyday, without questioning my proficiency at it.

I'm starting to realize that my typing technique is far below par.

I started looking around me recently. I noticed some developers in the team who were able to watch the screen while typing. Some of them were amazingly fast typers. This made me realize something very basic: I can't type. I always look at my keyboard while typing.Then I look up to check what I typed. I even manage to 'feel' a mistake before I see it onscreen.

I'm now reminded of an anecdote on this topic: On a login screen, I usually type 'username' - ''TAB' - 'password' - 'ENTER'. A colleague of mine was looking over my shoulder while I was doing this when he exclaimed: 'So that's what the admin password is!'. I looked up at the screen and realized I missed the TAB key. The password was typed next to the administrator username. Like George W., I managed to turn a personal issue into a major security problem.

So now I'm prepared to take action: I'm going to learn to type.

I've subscribed to an online typing instructor, and I'm going to take a few minutes every day practicing. I want to be able to type without looking at my keyboard by Christmas. Be sure to remind me of that by then!

From now on, every post will be typed with ten fingers.

Posted on Saturday, August 16, 2008 3:34 PM Personal | Back to top

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# re: Learning to type
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You can type fast and accurate without looking at the screen with less than ten fingers too :p

It seems I'm typing with about 4 fingers or something :) (and sometimes not even looking at screen nor keyboard :p)
Left by David Cumps on Aug 18, 2008 8:32 AM

# re: Learning to type
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Persevere with this one. I had been working with a keyboard for nearly 23 years before I decided enough was enough and learned to touch type. I don't think I am any faster at actually typing, but I save the time of proof reading. It really makes a difference being able to look at the screen as you type. I have no regrets. But don't cheat! Eyes always on the screen!
Left by Stephen on Aug 27, 2008 3:26 PM

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