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March 2015 Entries

Todays little program has a simple task. It should decode a hex bitmask into its original bits as hex values from which it was composed from. As bonus we can also parse an ETW manifest and print the corresponding keywords. Since most low level tools use hex numbers which have specific bits turned on I often want to know which things were actually enabled. This is useful to e.g. see which providers PerfView enables for .NET specific stuff. If you check in PerfView the .NET Alloc checkbox I want to ......

Since ETW know how is still considered an arcane science by most people I have the chance to look at a lot of "easy" things which did affect performance a lot but they went bye unnoticed until I did look into with ETW tracing. While checking some GC related stuff to reduce the memory allocations I have noticed that one process had a object[] allocations on the Large Object Heap. This is nothing unusual at all but the allocation stack was interesting. The allocations were coming from Delegate.Remove. ......