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I’ve always been somewhat of a book packrat, but recently I’ve decided all these books I’ve got in boxes and boxes in my garage are just silly and taking up space. Better to get them into the hands of people who might enjoy them. So I’ve been going through the boxes and sorting them. I’ve got mostly science fiction, lots of old favorites. It’s really hard to get rid of some of these. Also a lot of books from college; remember I was a Creative Writing major so I’ve got tons of these…. But anyway, as I was going through the boxes I found an old journal of mine. It was a writing journal that I kept through several years of college. Mostly filled with short bits, a lot of ideas that never turned into anything, several pages on the events and feelings of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake….


Anyway below is an entry from near the end of the journal. I don’t remember writing it, but I like it and now I’ll share:


I saw a bird, who by accident or other, had no proper feet, only stubs at the end of its legs. This poor wretched creature thought I, as I watched it hobble with difficulty and pain on the concrete, which other, whole-footed birds walked without trouble. Then I saw this deformed bird fly to the blossoming ground-cover and its stub legs poked through the dense brush and it stood steady and sure, like a flamingo in a Florida lagoon, while the other birds hobbled and fell, unsure in their footing over the twiggy plants.

“The Beautiful Bird”
Andy Johns

May 20, 1991 2:35pm

San Francisco State University

Humanities building front courtyard on 19th Avenue

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