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BT Vision

This question has vexed the forums but the answer is very simple: 1. Make sure you have joined BT's on-line billing with your main phone/broadband account 2. Look up the direct debit reference number at your bank for your new BT Mobile account (starts GB********) 3. Go to you BT account and add account 4. Use the reference number and your Mobile number and there you have it -usage monitoring Note: the monitoring lags by about 24 hours so beware! Technorati Tags: BT Vision,BT Boradband,BT Anywhere ......

OK so I've now lived with BT Vision for a month or so and have to say I'm very happy. OK it hasn't been without it's troubles but they are minor compared to my last few months with Sky! My problems started with Sky in two ways: 1. A gradual reduction in picture quality - the wonderful customer services (technical - that's an extra 20 minute wait over and above the normal 30 minutes!!) advised me that 1) I needed to move to HD??? 2) It was because I now had so many more channels to pick from therefore ......