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In recent months there has been a great deal of debate about the value and application of Domain Specific Languages. Andy James, Chief Technology Officer, Solidsoft, examines what they mean in real English, and how they can be applied to improve delivery productivity. When it comes to Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), the web is awash with references, articles and more than a few blogs. In general, they agree about the value of DSLs, but are light on describing how they should really be applied. ......

Andy James, Chief Technology Officer, Solidsoft, examines how the creation of a federated security environment can facilitate business benefits that may not be possible without it. From an individual's perspective, federated security is simple. It allows someone to access multiple systems with a single log-on. The systems concerned may be internal to the company they work for, web sites they visit personally or the systems of customers and suppliers. Automatic Teller Systems are a good example. No ......