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March 2013 Entries

If you are in trouble or come across trouble forget dialling 999 dial 112 not only does it give you the power of 999 but it allows your mobile to find and use any net work to make the connection. That’s correct any network not just the one you are subscribed to. Furthermore it does this for free in the majority of the countries in the world. for more info watch this video by Lyle Brotherton: ......

Solidsoft in conjunction with Microsoft has run a couple of of Azure workshops. Both were very well received and will be repeated in the future. Michael Royster of Microsoft commented: Over the last two weeks we have run two very successful Azure workshops covering both PaaS and IaaS. A huge thank you must go to Solidsoft for continuing to support the Application Platform and Azure business. The workshops were: Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) Workshop 19/20 February 2013 Delivered by Charles Young ......

Last week Solidsoft announced the date and content of their next Cloud Seminar: Enterprise applications in the cloud with Windows Azure event Technologists from Microsoft and Solidsoft will share their real world experiences and future vision on the following topics; Extending your business applications from earth to the cloud: demonstrates the capability of the cloud to deliver cost effective extensions to existing business applications. Building bridges between software islands in the sky: considers ......